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Funny / Ginger Snaps

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  • Ginger's incredibly deadpan and blunt rejection of Jason's advances:
    Jason: Hey Fitz, I think we should get together!
    Ginger: Uh... no...
  • The Nurse's rather enthusiastic explanation of the menstrual cycle to the Fitzgerald sisters.
  • This exchange during the scene where Brigette and Ginger are at a convenience store buying tampons.
    Brigette: Are you sure it's just cramps?
    Ginger: (is literally doubled over in pain) Just so you know... the words "just" and "cramps", they don't go together.
  • Jason's excuses for why he has blood in between his legs:
    Jason: What? My pen exploded, all right? My RED PEN!
    • Not to mention the exchange that takes place immediately after this scene:
    Brigette: You gave it to Jason! You had unprotected sex, and you infected him!
    Ginger: (Beat) Oops.
  • Brigitte and Ginger are trying to leave the Halloween party after Brigitte willingly infects herself with the werewolf curse, only for Sam to show up and knock Ginger out with a shovel. Sam thinks he just pulled a Big Damn Heroes, but in reality...
    Brigitte: What the Hell did you do that for?!
    Sam: I won't let you do this, Brigitte! You both need help!
    Brigitte: YOU FUCKING IDIOT! The cure works! I had to use it on somebody else, but there's more at the house! This was the only way I could get her to come back with me!
  • As terrifying as Ginger's full transformation into a werewolf is, we get this unintentionally funny moment after she escapes the back of Sam's van. Brigitte looks understandably freaked out, but what's all Sam can say?
    Sam: FUCK! That was your goddamn sister!
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  • Brigitte's surefire method of distracting her mother: asking her for advice about boys.
  • In a Black Comedy kind of way, the sisters' cover-up of Trina's murder. They stuff the body in the freezer, and quickly have Ginger lie down in the pool of blood while Brigitte snaps a picture.
    Mrs. Fitzgerald: Girls! I told you, no more deaths in the house!
    Ginger: (sweet smile) Don't be mad. It's for extra credit!


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