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Headscratchers / Ginger Snaps

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  • In the beginning how did Baxter get killed if we was in his doghouse in the backyard which had tall wooden fences?
  • The second film says that the cure in fact only slows the transformation, which raises the question of what became of the boy Ginger turned and Brigitte cured in the first film. But the second film also features a male werewolf as a major plot point. it's not stated outright (IIRC) but the obvious epileptic tree actually fits the facts pretty neatly.
    • If indeed the "curse" can be lifted by killing the werewolf that bit you, all of Ginger's hopes run out shortly after being bitten in the first film, as Sam just appears out of nowhere and crashes his van into the werewolf, killing it. However, this is actually a double moment, as Brigitte killed Ginger, the wolf that 'infected' her, and she still turned, which means that there simply is no cure and all attempts are futile... or that one must be bitten in order for that to work, which means Brigitte is dead/wolf in all scenarios.

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