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  • When the family in the hospital celebrates the birth of a baby boy, Frank tells Mary that when she was born, this was exactly how it was. He also tells her that he was the person who brought the news of Mary's birth. So who were the people who celebrated the news? Mary's biological father never saw her and left after dating Diane for a month. Evelyn turned away from Diane when the latter became pregnant because it didn't fit into Evelyn's plans. Roberta wasn't in the picture yet because Frank hadn't settled in Florida. That leaves Frank and Diane. So Frank brought the news to Diane that she had given birth to Mary? That doesn't make sense either because Diane was the person who gave birth...
    • Perhaps Diane had a friend or two? An uncle maybe? Third cousin seven times removed? Maybe he just ran around the hospital telling anybody who would listen! Maybe he was lying to make Mary feel better.
    • The implication is that the "this is how it was" referred to the general sense of celebration rather than the literal scene of a large group of people being told the news and hugging each other for five minutes. Frank was just trying to get Mary to understand that even if her birth father didn't give a damn about her when she was born or now she's older, it didn't matter because there were people who were just as happy at her birth as the people she's watching, even if it was just Diane and Frank. And it's entirely possible that if it was just those two and if Frank was present at the actual birth, then he was still the one to tell Diane that she'd given birth to a girl.

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