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Gifted is a sometime satire sometime homage to super hero comics by Logan LaVoice. It was started on December 4th, 2014 posting a page a day until January when it moved to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, presumably because the author was trying not to lose his mind. The art started out in hand inked black and white, but has recently switched to full digital with color.

The story thus far is about first day college kid Mace Marcellus, having just arrived at his new school, getting into a fight with another student in the town surrounding the school. The fight results in the other student, Arthur Jones, falling into the street and nearly being hit by a truck. Instead of dying like a normal person, however, Arthur is apparently granted the power to explode things that bother him with energy beams. Mace then has to face an empowered (and emotionally jacked up) Arthur who is incredibly peeved at Mace personally. A mysterious man intervenes on Mace's behalf and gives him the advice he needs to finally defeat Arthur, but from there, Mace is arrested and interrogated by the local police.


The story is still very early on, but is thus far been told via flashback as Mace explains what happened to him to a Sheriff's deputy. Now seems to be dead, with the domain expired.

Gifted contains examples of

  • Berserk Button: Arthur's reaction to being offered help.
  • Blood Knight: Mace by what we have seen so far. Crazy classman rushes him shouting about punching his face, and Mace's reaction is just, "Cool."
  • Determined Expression: Mace's favorite face, aside from cockeyed grins.
  • Good Flaws, Bad Flaws: Mace is pretty clearly The Hero, and it is hinted that the college he is attending is a Christian affiliated campus, but at very least is happy to get in fights and smokes tobacco.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: Mace smokes a pipe. This is what causes his initial altercation with Arthur.
  • Knuckle Cracking: Mace does this to show he's ready to learn from his mysterious helper. The helper, being a seven foot tall black man, easily outdoes him.
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  • Lawful Stupid: Arthur by all means although Lawful Jackass may also apply.
  • The Hero: Mace Marcellus as far as we can tell.


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