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  • The blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot that shows that Frank rescued not just Fred, but also the two other cats who were awaiting lethal injection. And this from a guy who doesn't like cats.
  • When Mary tells everyone in the class to clap for Justin, the boy whose arts project got ruined by the bully in the bus, saying it was by far the best arts project of anyone in the class.
  • At the end, there's a subtle hint that Frank is beginning to embrace his academic roots once more. We know this because there's a book by Rene Descartes in his car.
  • When Evelyn storms out of the lecture theatre after the first meeting with Shankman, with Mary in tow, we are first led to believe that she is angry because Mary has let her down by not being able to solve the equation. It turns out that she is actually mad at Shankman for having set up such an impossible task for Mary. Evelyn isn't altogether without humanity, and does care for Mary in her own way.
  • Roberta in pretty much every scene. She might only be a neighbour, but the way she stands up for Frank and Mary in every situation makes her every bit a devoted mother to both of them.
  • When Mary makes a Finger-Forced Smile on Frank, because she doesn't like the fact that he's crying. That's just her childish way of comforting him.
  • The scene in the hospital, when Mary gets to witness the joy that families experience on first learning that a child has been born. She immediately asks if they can wait for another baby to be born, so she can see it again.
    • Even more heartwarming is why Frank brought her there to see this: he wanted her to know that when she was born, there was just as much celebration. And moreover, it was Frank himself who brought the news.
    • Mary and Roberta joining in on the celebrations of an unknown family. She's far from being just a genius mind - she's got a kind and loving heart, too, which shows exactly where Frank has been successful.
  • When Frank insists that Mary put down her math textbook and go outside, and they end up having a meaningful conversation about God while she climbs all over him like a jungle gym. It's one of the most powerful scenes suggesting that Frank really knows what Mary needs.
    Mary: Is there a God?
    Frank: I don't know.
    Mary: Just tell me.
    Frank: I would if I could. But I don't know. Neither does anybody else.
    Mary: Roberta knows.
    Frank: No. Roberta has faith...and that's the great thing to have. But faith's about what you think, feel. Not what you know.
    Mary: What about Jesus?
    Frank: Love that guy. Do what he says.
    Mary: But is he God?
    Frank: I don't know. I have an opinion. But that's my opinion and I could be wrong. So why would I screw up yours? Use your head. But don't be afraid to believe in things.
    Mary: There was a guy on TV who said there was no God.
    Frank: The only thing different between the atheists you saw on TV and Roberta is Roberta loves you. She tries to help. Tell you what though. We all end up back together at the end. That's what you're asking, right?
    Mary: Yep.
    Frank: Find something else to worry about, will ya?