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  • About 60 years or so after the film was first released. Juana's actress, Elsa Cardenas, hosted a screening in El Paso's Plaza Theatre where she recounted her time on the film. She noted she was a shy teenager who barely spoke English and most of her co-stars and the crew (including big stars Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor) welcomed her with open arms. She also got to tell humorous stories about her time on the film and about her respect for the director George Stevens; she even noted she'd and Rock Hudson would get ice cream in Marfa.
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  • Leslie's speech to Bick about how her love for him has grown past the days when she saw him ride a horse and do rope-work and she was delighted to see him stand up for social justice and is where she reflects how the family has grown and changed in the last quarter of a century.
    After 100 years, the Benedict Family is finally a success.

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