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Ginger Snaps

  • In the first movie, whilst the Beast of Bailey Downs mauls Ginger, Brigitte proceeds to beat it with her camera. Granted, it wasn't very effective, what with the beast being a werewolf and all, but hey at least she was trying.
  • Ginger beating Trina on the School field for bullying Brigitte.
  • Brigitte saving a kid from being attacked by Jason she manages to stick the Monkshood needle into his neck.
  • Although primarily a Tear Jerker, Briggite's stand against Werewolf!Ginger was pretty brave.
    • "I'm not dying in this room with you! I'M NOT DYING!"

Ginger Snaps: Unleashed

  • The climax of the sequel; so a werewolf has been stalking Brigitte throughout the movie, so she decides enough is enough, so she and Ghost make a death trap in the basement. Alice comes and when the werewolf breaks into the house, she takes Ghost's gun and opens fire at it. When the werewolf full out attacks Brigitte, She takes a curling stone and beats it to the point of death.
  • As Brigette gathers supplies for the above mentioned death trap, Hallucination!Ginger appears to taunt her like she's done throughout the entire film, but only this time, Brigette gives an amazing comeback that proves just how much she's taken a level in badass.
    Hallucination!Ginger: You can't fight what's in us, B.
    Brigette: I'm not like you, Ginger. I'm stronger.
    Hallucination!Ginger: (scoffs) Oh, really? Well, that's not how I remember you the first fifteen years of your life!
    Brigette: It's how I remember the last fifteen minutes of yours.

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning

  • The climax of the third movie, with the Hunter (without flinching) holding his own against an entire werewolf pack.
    • Also, Ginger single-handedly fighting James and his men, she spent most of it at the receiving end of the Curb-Stomp Battle, but when she seemingly goes down, she manages to slit James' throat, and then lets in the pack through the gate.


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