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Headscratchers / Girl, Interrupted

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  • Why did Lisa reject Daisy's money at first and then take it the next day after she died? Also Lisa says she was blowing guys at the bus station for Daisy's money. What does that mean?

    • Lisa took the money from Daisy's bathrobe but handed a large part of it to a panicking Suzanna , who didn't follow her and still had the money on her as she was brought back to the asylum. What Lisa means is that she didn't have enough money to make it to Florida and had to blow guys at the bus stop to try and compensate for the part of Daisy's money she had left with Suzanna, hence the "I was blowing guys at the bus station for the money that was in her fucking bathrobe" comment.

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    • As for why she didn't take the money the previous day, because she was relishing in her psychological torture of Daisy and taking the money would have meant she would have had to leave earlier.

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