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Headscratchers / Girls Town

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  • Okay, just how the Heck Ramsey did Mary Lee beat Fred back to her and Silver's place? She didn't have that much of a head start!
  • Also, how does the fact that radio exists prove there's a God?
    • The radio was more of an analogy for how prayer works.
  • Towards the end of the film Mary Lee is at Girls Town looking for Silver. The Sisters saw her there. At least some of the other girls had to have seen her there. Mary Lee was visibly distraught in the Mother's office, and Silver had expressed concerns about her even before she arrived, so the Sisters had every reason to know something was wrong. So when Fred manages to kidnap her, how is it that suddenly no one believed her when Silver said she was in danger and tried to go after her, and it took a sudden display of Faith for anyone to trust her? Especially since while Silver had certainly been combative and antagonistic with the Sisters and other girls except Serafina up to that point, she'd never been dishonest about it.
    • At least part of it likely has to do with who she was talking to at the time of the abduction: the three girls she had been most antagonistic with, and weren't inclined to believe her because of her previous behavior and attitude. It's not hard to believe that those three wouldn't have been aware of the situation since Silver had no reason to tell them before. Had the Mother Superior or any of the other nuns been present, it's more likely she would have been heard out and given the benefit of the doubt

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