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Fanfic / For the Love of the Gods

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Hiccup, a mortal man, has become a god. And the king of the heaven's himself has given him a special task. Teach the younger goddesses what it mean to love. And then marry one.

For the Love of the Gods is a Fusion Fic Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fanfic written by fanfic writer cjupsher (also known for his superhero-based series and Star Wars series).

This series provides examples of:

  • Always with You: In Chapter 9, it is said that Hiccup would sometimes "visit" his parents and mentor Gobber and look out for them.
  • Amusing Injuries: To showcase Hiccup's immortality to him, Rapunzel pushes him off of a cliff, only to wind up completely fine after hitting the ground.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: After Merida explains how she was a deer that was adopted and given deity status by Elinor, Hiccup asks why, of all things, Merida has red hair.
  • Based on a Dream: In-Universe. Hiccup builds himself a bed because he gets most of his best ideas from dreams. That and he misses sleeping.
  • Chocolate of Romance: Anna loves chocolate, especially when it is served as an offering to her on Lover's Day.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Hiccup was once an average village blacksmith who dies saving a child from a runaway cart. For his selfless deed, he is promoted to the rank of Forge God.
  • Dreaming of Things to Come: After Merida naps in her new hamoc that Hiccup made for her, she ends up having a dream of a mortal man she doesn't recognize.
  • Fictional Holiday: Lover's Day, a festival meant to honor Anna and celebrate love. Oddly enough, there is a Lover's Day, but the odds of a goddess involved with it is unlikely.
  • Gay Moment: Rapunzel passively mentions that she tried kissing Merida once to see why people like kissing so much, only to get slapped in the face for her troubles.
    Rapunzel: I like kissing. I always wondered why mortals did it. It always seemed weird. I always wanted to give it a try. I tried to kiss Merida once...[i]t didn't go well...
  • God Job: Having been given the title of God of the Forge, Hiccup spends his time making weapons and jewelry. He is later told that as the God of Blacksmithing, he is supposed to inspire other smiths, answer prayers and forge weapons for great heroes of legend. Another day in the life.
  • Harem Genre
  • Humanity Ensues: Or rather "Deity Ensues". The common story behind Merida's origins (in both folklore and Merida herself) is that she was originally an orphaned, baby deer who - after being found by Elinor - was turned into a goddess out of Elinor's desire for a child. Foreshadowing however strongly hints otherwise.
  • Kill the God: Only gods, god-made things and dragons can harm and/or kill gods.
  • Kissing Under the Influence: After Tink becomes drunk for the first time, she then proceeds to kiss him out of nowhere and then suck him off before falling asleep.
  • Lemon: There are various chapters with explicit sexual content.
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: On Lover's Day, Hiccup and Anna have sex in the back of Anna's temple. No worry for getting caught, since they are essentially invisible.
  • Mama Bear: Elinor makes it very clear to Hiccup; Merida. Is. Off. Limits.
  • The Needless: Gods do not need food or sleep like mortals do. That is not to say that they don't enjoy either when they can.
  • Nerds Are Virgins: Hiccup was a virgin when he died. He is also the nerdiest character there.
  • Not Staying for Breakfast: The morning after Hiccup and Rapunzel have their first time together, Rapunzel leaves shortly after they both wake up so she could raise the sun, as is her duty as a goddess.
  • Oh, My Gods!: Having only become a god recently, Hiccup still has the habit of "thank[ing] the gods" or shouting "oh dear gods" when surprised, something that really seems to amuse the others.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Dragons are established as being an ancient, magical creature, having existed for as long as fairies and gods and are one of the few things capable of harming a god. Because of this, gods generally avoid them.
  • Our Fairies Are Different: Tinker Bell willingly puts herself into Hiccup's service, having skills in smithing and crafting herself.