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Havoc is a First-Person Shooter by defunct developer Reality Bytes, released in 1995. They made only two other games: a Mac-only Doom clone called Sensory Overload before Havoc, and a third-person Hack and Slash fantasy game called Dark Vengeance, after Havoc. It was advertised as a Killer App for Windows 95, pushing that OS's graphical and networking capability. In the vein of Battlezone, Havoc put players in control of a combat vehicle and pitted them against hordes of foes.

The singleplayer campaign cast you as a sort of land-Pirate, a freelance tank commander wandering the battlefields of a post-apocalyptic Earth ruled by Mega Corps in search of useful loot and supplies. Your enemies are the Mooks of Tyrakian Global, one such MegaCorp. Their forces are spread across three major regions: The mountainous, rocky Badlands, the frozen Fallen Wastelands, and the bizarre, colorful Tyrakian Territories. In each level, there are three Gate Keys to find, each guarded by a powerful Sentry Gun and numerous other foes. Find the keys, then find the exit. Do this for three levels and fight a boss. There are over thirty levels total and six Bosses. You have a wide variety of weapons to use, and a choice of three vehicles.

For its time, the game incorporated a number of cutting-edge features: Varied environments and terrain, terrain deformation, support for virtual reality goggles of the time, and cross-platform multiplayer between PC and Macintosh. The game worked on either system out of the box, and came with a multiplayer-only second disc that could be given to a friend. If you had enough discs to go around, 16-player deathmatches were possible.

This game shouldn't be confused with either film called Havoc. Or the Havok physics engine.

Havoc provides examples of: