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Funny / Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

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  • Nicolas Cage in all his hamminess.
  • The interrogation scene. At one point he says "good girl".
  • In the montage that Johnny goes on about the devil possessing people, one of the people happens to be Jerry Springer.
  • Ghost Rider peeing fire. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • So damn funny they had to show it twice!
  • "You're the Devil's baby mama."
  • Carrigan/Blackout trying to eat and dissolving everything he grabs. Sandwich? Molds over immediately. Apple? Rots to the core in seconds. A twinkie? Takes so damn long that it may as well be immune.
    • Actually that's because he kept the twinkie wrapped up in a paper bag.
      • Fridge Logic: But shouldn't the paper bag rot then? So paper must be immune
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  • Moreau explaining why he didn't die after being sent off a bridge in the opening sequence. He explains that God saved him by having him come to hanging upside down in a tree. While the French National Anthem plays.
  • The scene is supposed to be dramatic and heart-wrenching, but when Nadya runs over, stunned and horrified by the sight of the car with Danny inside rolled upside down, on fire, and half-crushed, Ghost Rider's body language just screams "...Whoops."
  • "Merry Christmas, you ASSHOLES!"
  • Roarke's (Mephisto's) final line: "Worst fucking deal I ever made!"

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