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  • The big Love Will Keep Us Together dance sequence near the beginning of the film. The fact that it's never clear exactly at what point Berke's actual post-dumping walk home becomes Berke's Imagine Spot of his post-dumping walk home only makes it funnier.
  • Berke's parents driving him home from getting busted at a strip club raid. They tell him they're proud of him for moving on with his life. His dad even says "we had no idea you were so kinky."
    Frank: Who's up for frozen yogurt?
    Beverly: Berke might want to go home and polish the rocket first.
    Berke: Yogurt's good.
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  • While playing with a crossbow, Kelly accidentally fires it into Berke's arm. His reaction is offscreen but it includes a high-pitched squeal. And in the ambulance, it's Kelly who faints.
  • Dora Lynn's Disaster Dominoes is a sight to behold. By just waving to a waiter, she causes a chain of events that lead to the entire restaurant catching fire. Berke comes out of the bathroom, sees the chaos and deadpans "Cheque, please!"
  • Dr Forest Oates's treatment of Jessica does make for some fantastic exchanges. His Establishing Character Moment is yelling at her for not sticking the banner up properly.
    Jessica: I'm trying, sir. But you're intimidating me.
    Dr Forest Oates: Well, you are frightening me! How do you get dressed in the morning? Do you have people that come in while you just lie in state?
    • Kelly and Basin's reaction to their play being a Totally Radical version of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
    Basin: Okay, either that man has no taste or he completely hates us.
    Kelly: I think it's a little of both.
  • There's a randomly hilarious exchange when Berke greets a side character asking him how his lobotomy is working out.
  • The boys debating whether Alison was Berke's One True Pairing.
    "I mean, look at that old lady in Titanic (1997). She ain't never getting over that."
  • Berke attempting to drunkenly serenade Alison with the song "Alison". Maggie just irritably shuts the curtain on him, and he falls off the roof just as he tries to sing "my aim is true..."

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