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  • Frequent examples of Mr. and Mrs. Weir Comically Missing the Point. From "Tricks and Treats:"
    Mr Weir: Who did this to you?
    Sam: (pointedly looking at Lindsay, who egged him) Just some freaks.
    Mrs. Weir: Freaks? You mean like circus freaks?
    Mr. Weir: Jean, I don't think there's bearded ladies running around throwing eggs at kids. He means hippies.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Weir listening to "Squeeze Box". For once Mr. Weir's New Media Are Evil position is right; he realizes that the song is pure sexual innuendo from the very first lyric... Meanwhile, Mrs. Weir earnestly insists it's just about an accordion.
  • From "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers", we have Nick's hilariously awful love song for Lindsay, 'Lady L', followed by Ken doing him a favour.
  • Bill's "sexy dance"
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  • Daniel's Punk hair.
  • Lindsey stoned. She says God isn't logical and then gets paranoid that she just exists in the dream of the dog of the people whose children she is babysitting.
    • In a moment that's both funny and a little heartwarming, Millie assuages her fears by rubbing the dog's tummy until it wakes up, thus proving they still exist.
  • This conversation from "The Garage Door:"
    Neal: I woke up this morning and guess what I found on the edge of my bed?
    Bill: A turd?
    Bill: Ew, gross.
  • Bill's Halloween costume.
  • Lindsay's first party. Sam, Bill and Neil swap the keg with a non-alcoholic one. Everyone acts wasted anyway.
    Sam: Ken, it's okay, it's not real beer.
    Ken: I know. I've won 87 bucks at quarters.
  • Lindsay's "Sam, you have a beautiful body" speech.
  • Nick's skimpy briefs, seen when he stays with the Weirs.
  • Lindsay bursting into laughter in "Tests and Breasts" after hearing Daniel tell the adults in the room a big sob story about how he was told he was dumb as a child. She's laughing because she fell for the same sob story earlier. The adults have no idea what's going on and think she's high.
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  • "Screw you, I'm hilarious."
  • Neal playing Spin the Bottle. It lands on Bill every time, even after Neil makes him change places with someone else.
  • In "The Diary", Bill, frustrated at always being the last picked for baseball and at how Coach Fredricks handles the situation, Prank Calls him with a rambling series of insults. Coach Fredricks writes out the whole speech and calls students individually to read it out loud to him so he can recognize the culprit by voice: Neal decides to read it while impersonating William Shatner.

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