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  • There's a moment at the beginning of the movie where the Frog King leaps out of the sewers and goes, "Duh, oh I am so excited to-" right before he unleashes a horrendous fart and (literally) gets the crap knocked out of him by a falling sewer lid... and said crap proceeds to land on Mr. Clean.
  • The entirety of the Mr. Clipboard sequence is comedic gold, especially since he moves as though he's hooked up to a car battery and talks as if he has a speech impediment.
    • Leonard's reaction to Clipboard stomping on the bag of chips is also funny, if only for how dead seriously he takes it:
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    • As is the reaction of the potato chip mascot, which is said in total monotone:
      "No one wastes me chips and gets away with it! Brand X will PAY... ARRRRRRRRRRRGH."
  • Some of Lieutenant X's more ludicrous lines were clearly intended as horrifying, but the way they're delivered, he merely sounds perpetually aroused.
    • He also apparently wets himself when he gets a raisin shoved down his throat via gun. It's his reaction that sells the scene.
      Lieutenant X: Oh, I think I just wet myself. It seems rather nice... (passes out)
  • Perhaps the only truly funny line in the movie, delivered humorously by Eva Longoria: "But enough about me! Let's kill you!"
    • When she's defeated, she says this to Dex: "All I ever wanted was you! Well, you and WORLD DOMINATION!"
  • The scene with the ketchup bottle artillery, where the ketchup gets stuck and giant hands try to shake it out, was named by the viewers of the annotated version to be the only intentionally funny scene in the movie.
  • The Bar Brawl in the middle of the movie. One particular part is when a barbarian and a lumberjack prepare to engage in an epic fight... that is nothing more than a Wimp Fight.
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  • While questioning Lady X over her motivations at the final showdown, Dex randomly twirls around once like a ballerina for no apparent reason.
  • "I'm not gonna be puppy-whipped, you cold-farted itch!"
  • The Brand X soldiers marching in unison while pumping their hands up and down. Or, as noted in the The Nostalgia Critic's review:
  • This line, which caused Media Hunter to end his review abruptly.
  • The film is notorious for lack of expression on the characters, but Sunshine has a pretty humorous one when Dex finds her tied to a chair. At first she has a delighted expression upon seeing Dex, but it quickly turns to an Oh, Crap! expression (due to Lady X holding a gun to her head), as if she was thinking "Oh, right. I'm in danger. I forgot."


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