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  • Mub and Grub are clearly in the movie just for yucks. Much of their visual humor involves all the fun things they can do with their extended eyes, like when Mub mocks Nod with how his eyes are sunk into his head and therefore cannot see in all directions, and Mub retracts his own eyes into his own head to make for a very hilarious and disturbing image.
    • When Nim explains that everything in the forest is recorded in scrolls underneath his tree down to the very minute, Mub and Grub keep asking, "how about this??", and perform some silly stunt. Once Nim, weirded out, gets the scroll that just recorded all their antics..... he turns and hastily rips it apart, to their disappointment.
    • Mandrake gets a darkly humorous moment with them when he says he wants "an eye for an eye." Each time he says "eye," he pokes Mub or Grub in the eye. Their reactions are lightly pained.
  • Ozzie is also in the movie for largely the same reason, because whenever he runs, he hilariously knocks over several objects that do not seem to slow him down.
  • Any scene with MK trying to adapt to being small. The scene with the mouse is hilarious!
    • The mouse is, at first, very cute, but because MK is a centimeter tall, it seems like a gigantic, hulking, blood-thirsty monster! ... then it reverts back to being cute after Ronin scares it away.
    • The bit where she clumsily makes it into her dad's place with Nod and Ronin is also great.
  • Nod and MK having a static electricity fight. It's both funny and adorable.
  • Professor Bomba screaming "I HURT MY ELBOW!!" in slow motion voice while chasing Nod, Ronin and MK in his office.
    • The Leafmen call humans "stompers", and Nod and Ronin relish in making fun of the slow, lumbering, clumsy oaf in front of them. Not realizing said "stomper" is the father of MK. Who is standing right there. Awkward.
    Nod: I love how this guy talks. (slow, deep voice with mocking movements) "Loo-oo-ook a-a-a-at thi-i-i-is flower-r-r!
    Ronin: I-I-I-I hu-u-u-urt my-y-y-y el-l-l-lbo-o-o-ow!
    MK: (uncomfortable) I think that's kind of mean.
    Nod: Who-o-o-o-o sa-a-a-aid tha-a-a-at?
    • Even better is that when they're mocking him they say the "I HURT MY ELBOW!!" line, making the above example a Brick Joke. This is lampshaded:
    Nod: Did you hear that?! He said it!
    • Gets especially funny when MK angrily points out that Ronin knew she was a stomper.
  • Ronin, of all people, goofing off with Nod using Bomba's animal skeletons.
    Ronin: (wearing a rat skull) How do I look?
    Nod: Scary as ever.
  • The two Boggans fighting when Dagda walks past them.
  • The fruit fly.
    Mub: Fruit fly, huh?
    Grub: So, what's it like, having a very short life cycle?
    Fly: (child voice) It's great, mister! When I grow up— (becomes an adult) ...I'm gonna— (ages into a rickety old grandpa) ...wish I had done more with my life, sonny! *cough* (falls over and dies)
    Grub: The forest trembles at the passing of the humble fruit fly.
  • Ronin's idea of We Need a Distraction:
    Ronin: Hey, look, it's a Leafman! (the Boggans are clueless) I'll keep this simple: I run- you try to catch me!
  • Dagda's frustration over the ambush's failure.
    Dagda: We had the numbers! And we had the surprise part! How are we losing?!
  • M.K. on the Boggans: "When I get big again, I am so coming back with a can of bug spray!"
  • The half-staggered, half-appalled look on the face of the Marigold Girl's mother, when she realized just how powerful her daughter has become. And, presumably, how much of a handful she's going to be now...
  • Finn has no opinion on this.
  • Ronin: "GREAT IDEA. I'll go as a grasshopper, and YOU can be my cricket lady friend."
  • Finn: (to Ronin, about Nod; as the latter clumsily arrives on his bird) "Here comes your star pupil."
  • While Ronin is telling MK about Nod, Nod is trying to make room on his bird with Mub and Grub, but ends up pushing Mub off. Nod's clearly exasperated at this.
  • MK's Rapid-Fire "No!", as Ronin tries to tell her to come with him, since she has the pod.
    MK: Make me big!
    'Ronin: What?
    MK: I'm not going anywhere until you make me big again!