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Awesome / Epic (2013)

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  • Almost every time Ronin comes in to fight off a Boggan or protect his friends.
    • The first time he kills a Boggan, he does so without even drawing his sword.
    • Deflecting a rot arrow with his bracer, then catching the next arrow and firing it back, killing Mandrake's son.
    • Scaring away the mouse by cutting off his whiskers.
    • His One-Man Army You Shall Not Pass! moment.
    • The reveal that he isn't dead after that moment.
      • Meaning a MASSIVE Offscreen Moment of Awesome for Ronin! Just see how many he had to fight through!
      • "Do you know how many Boggans I had to fight to get here? Seriously, I lost count."
  • A villainous one when Mandrake destroys an entire tree after Bufo makes light of his son's death.
  • Queen Tara shows just why she is Queen by fighting off a few Boggans and then running and leaping through trees like a goddamn Olympian.
    • Marigold Girl, the future second queen, first saving Queen Tara with a well placed branch, and then immediately upon becoming queen preforms the powerful magic that turns MK back into a Stomper. Her mother is suitably wowed.
  • Awesome Music: Snow Patrol's "What If The Storm Ends" in the trailer. It was conspicuously missing from the movie though.