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  • The entire opening scene where Gene introduces the Emojis and their Establishing Character Moments:
    • First, the Christmas Tree has to be festive all year long, even when it's not Christmas.
    Christmas Tree: Merry Christmas!
    Fortune Cookie Emoji: It's still September, Tim!
    (He blows a raspberry)
    • The princesses, being real Narcissists, are always being pretty and complementing themselves.
    Princesses: We are so pretty!
    • For the faces; first, Cryer always has to cry and be sad, even when winning the lottery:
    Cryer: Hooray...I'm a millionaire...!!! (sobs)
    • Laughter always has to laugh, even when he gets an injury:
    Laughter: I can see the bone! (laughs more as he is wheeled into the ambulance)
    • Gene's introduction. We first see him in his apartment in front of a mirror, singing and trying on different ties as he flips back and forth between a happy expression and the bored expression he's supposed to make:
    Gene: (to the tune of "I Gotta Be Me") I gotta be meh...I gotta be meh...
    • The first time he tries to hold his "meh" face, he stumbles upon Mrs. D., the donut emoji, and is so entranced by her babies' cuteness that he gives a "tears of joy" face followed by a "blowing a kiss" face, causing them to cry and he gets a terrible scolding.
    Mrs. D: Now I'll never get to sleep! Stick to your one face, weirdo!
    • Gene meeting the dancing emoji Flamenca, joining in her dance with heart eyes, and her reaction counts:
    Flamenca: Ole! Ole! (as Gene dances with her) Oh no! Oh no!
    • Gene's encounter with the three monkeys, complete with him imitating a British accent and falling for their monkey joke:
    Monkey 1: We have business to attend to...monkey business!
    • Gene knocking over some emoticons and saying how "I hate knocking over the elderly."
    ">:I" emoticon: My colon!
    • Gene's encounter with the clock emoji:
    Gene: Is that the time?
    Clock: Hey! My eyes are up here, pal?!
  • When Gene arrives at the text center, he encounters an elephant emoji who claims last week Alex send a message of him next to an emoji resembling passing gas. An LOL emoji can't help but crack up, and Gene eventually begins laughing, too. Cue resentful stares from everyone, even LOL can't help but laugh.
    LOL: Why are you laughing, freak?! (keeps laughing)
  • When Gene's parents are introduced, Mel quips if Gene laughed in public. Gene tries to Maintain the Lie, but the elephant tattles on him.
    Elephant: Oh, he was. I remembered.
  • Poop and his son proudly going "We're number two!"
  • Gene doing the 😵 face is So Bad, It's Good.
  • While Gene is in the bathroom practicing his “meh” face, he ends up making a rather strange-looking expression that’s more shocked than bored and blank. Mary even complements on it.
    Gene: Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    Mary: You're so handsome when you make that face. I think he's ready, Mel.
    Mel: ...Meh.
  • Gene's Freak Out upon being scanned for the first time, complete with him making the wrong faces.
    Bomb: What's he doing?!?
    Smiler: Good for him, little...wait, what?
  • The rather weird face that Gene ends up sending to Addie while destroying the text center.
  • When Gene and Hi-5 reach the piracy app, Gene notes that it doesn't look like one, and Hi-5 explains that it's just a skin. Gene's response is worth at least a snicker:
    "What could a teenage boy want to hide from his parents?"
    Hi-5 gives an Aside Glance.
  • Gene encountering Spam.
  • When the live band at the piracy app finishes their gig:
    Band leader: Thank you! You can illegally download our CD right here!
  • The bartender in the piracy app is a literal Trojan Horse virus. As in, he's a talking horse with a bunch of tiny viruses inside of him.
  • When the board of Emojis learn that Alex is going to erase his phone, chaos breaks out, and there's a quick glimpse of Poop punching the fan Emoji.
  • The bots praising a video of a Cute Kitten in the YouTube app.
  • Hi-5 vomiting a candy corn. It's Nausea Fuel, sure, but as messed up as it is, it's kinda funny.
    • And then he eats it again, despite Gene’s warning.
      Gene: Hi-5, don't do it. Don't you do it, it's already been in there once. Don't do it. (he does) Wow...
  • Mary's rather dull Slow "NO!" as she and Mel are shielding Gene from Smiler's bot, which contrasts with Mel’s Big "NO!" since he’s a malfunction.
  • The Spit Take gag when Smiler learns that Alex is planning to have his phone wiped. The first couple of times she spits in the messenger's face, but the third time, she starts refilling her glass... only to punch him instead.