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"The Big Squeak"

  • Near the beginning of the episode, Ace requests that Eliot turn a squat dog woman with a Slavic accent into a taller and attractive dog woman... with a Slavic accent before Eliot objects:
    Eliot: Ace, we've done these mysterious and beautiful lady dogs so many times.
    Ace: Sure, but not with this shade of lipstick. (the dog woman vanishes)
  • The angry townsfolk storm the Kitty Cat Club to get their squeaky toys back, leaving the baddies in a dog-pile. Then we get this:
    Mad Dog: (eloquently) Wasn't it Shakespeare who wrote, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"?

"Disobedience School"

  • Ace's narration as he sneaks his way into the school... but not without pain. Particularly this part:
    Ace: Fortunately, the window to the furnace room was open. (Beat) Unfortunately, the light was off.
  • The sequence where Eliot mixes up the (numbered) disguises to put on Ace so he can go undercover at the school. To wit, they're a ballerina, a Viking woman... and a schoolboy.
  • The scene where Ace is about to have a load of gold dropped on him only for Eddie and the baddies stating they'll "get the drop" on each other.
    Eddie: Don't worry, Ace. (prepares to pull a level to drop a payload of gold on top of the forklift) I've got the drop on Bugsy.
    Frisky: Don't worry, Dogfather. (prepares to drop a bag of money on Eddie) I've got the drop on the brat!
    Bruiser: Don't worry, kid.
    Frisky: (turns to look incredulously at Bruiser getting ready to drop a money bag) You're getting the drop on me? (Bruiser nods) You're getting the drop on me?
    Bruiser: Yeah, and then Mad Dog gets the drop on me. Now everyone has the drop on everyone!
    Bugsy: (gives an Aside Glance) This is senseless!
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  • Bugsy says this while the "students" unmask themselves to reveal they are in fact investigators... except Bingonote .
    Bugsy: It's the FBI, the CIA, the RCMP, Scotland Yard, Interpoodle... Bingo? (Bingo shrugs)

"The Dog Pound"

" Rocketship K-9"