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    Video Games 

  • DK and Diddy falling out and beating each other up at the end of Donkey Kong Country. An example: Diddy bites DK's finger, after DK dropped a merciless punch on the top of the monkey's head.
  • The intro of the first Donkey Kong Country, where Cranky Kong is seen cranking a record player playing the theme song to the original Donkey Kong arcade game... and then Donkey Kong swings down with a boom box playing a remixed version. Cranky Kong angrily shakes his fist at the gorilla, and then throws a TNT Barrel. Cue Donkey Kong's Eye Pop right before it explodes.
  • Diddy's "failure" animation, which consists of him throwing his hat on the ground and stomping on it repeatedly.
  • Admit it, the kredits that show up before King K. Rool reveals he was faking his defeat and attacks you are chuckle-worthy. There's something funny about how a game klaims it was kreated by Kremlings.
  • In GBA remake of the game, once you defeat Really Gnawty, come back to the treehouse, and you'll get a hilarious surprise. Very Gnawty, who you defeated at the first world, would come into DK's treehouse uninvited, then he notices the Kongs, reacts with Oh, Crap!, and then promptly hops away.
  • "Rattle Battle" in Donkey Kong Country 2, in which the player spends the level as a giant bouncing coiled snake with buckteeth, bouncing on enemies' heads while the most insane Benny Hill-esque music plays.
  • When you defeat Kudgel in Donkey Kong Country 2, the last TNT barrel blasts him up into the air, and falling back down into the swamp with a loud trumpeting noise.
    • A similar gag is used when defeating King Zing at the end of Krazy Kremland, where he falls to the floor and crashes while sounding like an airplane being shot down.
  • In the Flying Krock battle, any time you successfully throw Kaptain K. Rool's cannonball into his blunderbuss when he uses vacuum attack, it explodes into his face, resulting in him getting the Ash Face and comically blinking twice before he shakes off the ash.
  • In the beginning of the Krocodile Kore battle, K. Rool is covered in seaweed from when he fell into Krem Quay, which he quickly shakes off. He then fires his blunderbuss, but all that comes out is a bunch of fish, which causes K. Rool to make his "Oops!" face before starting the battle for real.
  • In Donkey Kong Country 3, after beating KAOS for the second time, K. Rool appears and says "Oh no! My wife is going to kill me! I used all her best pots and pans to build him!"
  • The ending of Donkey Kong Country 3, which has the mother banana bird chasing after K. Rool on a hovercraft around the overworld, eventually dropping a giant eggshell on his head, followed by Dixie and Kiddy Kong. And then Cranky Kong is riding a jet ski in the background, until you hear the motorboat it’s connected to stop and speed up, exploding off-screen. Cranky then resurfaces in the foreground holding a wet sign that says THE END.
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns: The intro cinematic. After hypnotizing the rest of the animals to steal DK's banana hoard, one of the Tikis tries to put the ape under his thrall. Cue the beginning of the first stage, where DK promptly sends the Tiki enemy flying.
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns has a rocket barrel level where you end up being attacked by bats. Near the end of the level, a giant bat bursts through the floor and roars at you. In response, DK just gives him an annoyed wave off and gets back to flying. When it starts chasing him at the end, he face palms. It's a little touch that's completely hilarious.
  • You can always gets a chuckle out of hearing the enemy Kremling death screams in DKC2 and DKC3. "AUGH!"
  • Believe it or not, Diddy gets his own ending if you beat the final boss as him in DKCR. But you ask, how can little Diddy send the Moon into Tiki Tong's Tower? Well, he uses his head, meaning he sees the moon, panics, and activates his jetpack while trying to run in the air, only for his jetpack to malfunction, sending him headfirst into the moon.
  • Anything that comes out of Cranky Kong's elderly mouth on the instruction manuals. Some examples...
    "Look at the fancy box. Look at the size of this instruction manual. You don't think they would have gone to all this trouble if the game was any good, do you?!"
    "You're only reading this because you're bored!"
    "Copy!? Who'd want to copy this game?"
    "Does anyone ever use these memo pages? Waste of paper if you ask me!"
    "In my day, we'd be happy to stand out in the rain because it'd mean an extra frame of animation! Not that we'd actually HAVE rain, given our pitiful processing power..."
    "My powerful potions will give you abilities you've never dreamed of and certainly don't deserve, assuming of course you can afford my modest asking fee. Now don't you go asking me for a potion of gameplay, as even my genius can't rescue this game from its rightful destiny in the bargain bin."
    • In-game, his speeches consist of Take Thats to and When I Was Your Age... rants about modern gaming at the time of the game's release. Some examples...
      "We never had any of this fancy 3D stuff! Oh, no, we had to survive on what we had! And what little we did have, we were happy with!"
      "Four shades of gray, in a 2x2 character block, that's all we had."
      "I can't play this game, the colors are all too rich for my poor old eyes!"
      "Why, even the bananas have more frames and colors than I had in the entire game!"
      "You wouldn't last two minutes in a real game!"
      "You know what they say, all graphics and no gameplay!"
  • The Infamous Rambi Glitch from Donkey Kong Country, which shows Donkey Kong humping a Gray version of Donkey Kong thanks to a glitch involving Rambi and the Steel Keg! WARNING! May be disturbing to some viewers!
  • Cranky took over NOA's Twitter for a day to answer questions. Things escalated quickly.
  • The little dance DK and Diddy do in the first game when they clear a level.

    Animated Series 

  • In "Klump's Lumps", Klump is fired by King K.Rool and replaced by Krusha. As a test, K.Rool points out a barrel and asks Krusha to figure out whether or not if it is an exploding barrel...
    Krusha: I can find out... Boom It's an exploding barrel, all right...
    K.Rool: (Sarcastically) Oh, goody! Blind obedience! Oh look, General! Another barrel!
  • Bluster's panic attack when he thinks his hair is falling out in "Hunka Hunka Burning Bluster":
    "There, how could Candy possibly resist me now? [looks at comb] What's this? HAIR!? MY HAIR!??! AAAHHHH!!! My hair's falling out!"
    "I can't use this. So what if I've lost a bit of hair? [looks at comb again] AAHHHH! MORE HAIR!! I'm shedding!"
  • Diddy literally Getting Crap Past the Radar in "Get a Life! Don't Save One!":
    Dixie: I'm looking for my pet crab, Dids. I can't find him anywhere.
    Diddy: Ah, never fear, Diddy's here! Just show a hor de'voure plate in front of me and I can find a crab with my eyes closed. HERE, CRAPPY! CRAPPY! HERE, CRAPPY, CRAPPY!
    Dixie: It's Crabby!
  • K. Rool's annoyance with Klump's jumping-jacks dance in "Oragutango":
    K. Rool: Once again, I, King K. Rool, have done the impossible. What do you think, Klump?
    Klump: [does his jumping-jacks dance]
    K. Rool: I wish you wouldn't do that!
    • Leading to this payoff when K. Rool wins a wish on the Coconut:
      K. Rool: Now let me see, what do I want? To be ruler of all of Kongo Bongo Island? That sounds good...
      Cranky: It's not your fault, Donkey Kong.
      Klump: [does his jumping-jacks dance]
      Cranky: Hahahahaha! Looks like you got your one wish, K. Rool!
  • Klump pushing K. Rool's Berserk Button by messing up his computer game in "Buried Treasure".
    Krusha: Only 500 more points to beat your record, your croc-ship.
    K. Rool: Come on, come on, come on!!!
    Klump: [appears on the computer, erasing the game] General Klump, King K. Rool sir! Y'read me, your high 'n mightyness? ...Looking a little pale there, chief!
    K. Rool: NOOOOOOOOOO!!! [smashes the computer]
    Klump: [calling on cell phone] Chief? You there, chief? Seems we had some sort of interference.
    • Also the frequent interruptions to Cranky's vacation. To start with, he first gets attacked by a swarm of bees. After he traps the bees in a bottle of banana soda, his sandwiches run off.
    Cranky: ...Ants! First bees, and now ants! Blast! (Gives chase) Come back here, you thieving insects! Uurrrroarrgggghhh!
  • In "Cranky's Tickle Tonic", Funky is flying Cranky to the White Mountains to administer the titular tonic to Eddy, the Mean Old Yeti. Unfortunately, the engine from the plane is so loud Cranky's instructions can't be heard.
    Cranky: I think I just spotted Eddie!
    Funky: I am ready, dude!
    Cranky: Not 'ready'! Eddie!
    Funky: Not ready yet? Just say when!
    Cranky: Isn't there something you can do so we can communicate!?
    Funky: (Turns off engine) All right, let's communicate.
    Cranky: What'd you do?
    Funky: Turned the engine off.
    Cranky: So what's holding us up?
  • Bluster trying to vote twice in "Vote of Kong-fidence":
    Bluster: May I have another [vote]?
    Cranky: Sorry Bluster, one vote each! That's how it works.
    Bluster: You mean I get the same number of votes as him?! [pointing to Eddie the Yeti] And you call this a democracy!
  • The ending of "Barrel, Barrel, Who's Got the Barrel?" K.Rool's latest scheme has been foiled, and the Crystal Coconut has been returned. Donkey Kong questions the logic of keeping the Coconut someplace so accessible, but Cranky waves him off.
    Cranky: Nah, as long as I have my big stick here, no one will mess with me!
    (Eddie bursts through the door, club in hand. DK, Diddy, and Cranky make Oh, Crap! faces.)
    (Cut to the outside of Cranky's cabin.)
    Eddie: Me, Eddie! (Cabin begins shaking)
    DK, Diddy, and Cranky: The Mean Old Yeti! Auugghh!
  • The Ho Yay during "Four Weddings and a Coconut".
    Klump: Did you hear that?
    Krusha: Uh, hear what?
    Klump: "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"!
    Krusha: Me?
    Klump: No, you non-commissioned nincompoop! Donkey Kong!
    Krusha: You want to marry Donkey Kong?
    Klump: NO! Donkey Kong's getting married! We gotta tell King K. Rool immediately!
    K.Rool: Who did you say was getting married?
    Krusha: Me and Klump.
    Klump: Never mind him, sir.
    • From the same episode, when K. Rool thinks he hasn't been invited to the wedding:
      K. Rool: They didn't invite me?! Oh, that's so unfair! What's wrong with me?! Haven't I always tried to be a good enemy to Donkey Kong??
      Klump: Uh, permission to invite you as my date, your party-pooperness?
      K. Rool: NO, NO, NO! Now they've insulted me! I wouldn't go to that wedding if they begged me to go!
      Klump: Well, I'll save ya a piece of weddin' cake, sir.
  • From "Raiders of the Lost Banana":
    • The whole "Curse of the Golden Banana" number. While this could be said of every musical number, the real fun is just how sudden and out of left field it is. It starts with Diddy launching into this outrageous dance, with DK and Cranky following suit. Then there's this exchange;
    Cranky: (Standing under an inexplicable spotlight) The curse will destroy the entire island, and there'll be no more bananas left for you to eat!
    DK: No bananas!? (Does an incredibly rigid Face Fault).
    • When Klump tells K.Rool about the Golden Banana;
    K. Rool: Think of the possibilities, Klump. Do you realize the things I could do with the Crystal Coconut in one hand and the Golden Banana in the other?
    Klump: Um... eh, juggle?
    • Also, this dialogue after the curse of the Golden Banana causes Bluster's Barrelcopter to crash into Cranky's cabin;
    Bluster: The Barrelcopter! Mummy'll be livid!
    Cranky: Your mummy can take a number. I was livid first!
    Candy: What about me?
    Bluster: What about you?
    Candy: I'm livid!
    Cranky: You can be livid later, now get this thing out of my house!
  • The entirety of "Bug A Boogie," as DK, Diddy, Cranky, K. Rool, and the pirates trick each other repeatedly through pranks.
    • The same episode has King K. Rool demanding Krusha to abort their current mission in order to partake in a new one. When Krusha tells him he's unable to, Rool vents out his frustration at him in one of the most over-the-top deliveries of all time. It's so hammy, it's actually quite shocking that it isn't a widespread meme. It truly has to be seen to be believed (starts around 2:02).
      K. Rool: KRUSHA! Abort the mission, and come back to headquarters immediately!
      Krusha: I...can't.
      Krusha: Somethin' bad happened. (View zooms out to show Krusha is up to his shoulders in mud)
      K. Rool: (Growls in frustration, still hopping mad) Then find Klump, and tell him to get his leathery hide back here immediately!
      Krusha: KLLLUUUMMMPPP!!! (Camera pans to show Klump is right next to him, also in the mud)
      Klump: You don't have to shout! (notices the feed with K. Rool is still open) Ah! Uh... Oh, hello there, sir! Everything, um... Under control here!
      • From the same episode, we have Cranky telling DK and Diddy what to do with the "amulet".
        Cranky: Go to the Forbidden Forest, and hide it in the Well of Woe.
        DK: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA! (stammering) No way am I going to the Forbidden Forest of Kongo-Bongo!
  • In one episode, DK and Diddy borrow Funky's plane. It goes off the tree house runway...and falls straight down, then flies all over the place.
  • "The Legend of the Crystal Coconut" has every villain being reluctant to do anything bad because it's a bad villain day. Murphy's Law does indeed strike.
    Klump: Sir! General Klump reporting. I have some news, and it is in the A-1 rank of importance!
    K. Rool: Klump! Didn't I say no news, no calls, no tyranny until tomorrow!? It's a bad villain day!
    Klump: But sir, I really think this will cheer-
    K. Rool: Listen, you incompetent cretin! I want to be left alone! That means no one! Nothing! No interruptions!
    Klump: But sir, I really think you're gonna like this news as it's regardin' the Cry-
    K. Rool: GO AWAAAAAY!
    Klump: .... Guess we give the Crystal Coconut back to Donkey Kong.
    K. Rool: (suddenly lowering his platform to ground level) Crystal Coconut?!
  • The montage of Klump and Krusha being kicked out of the tree house as they try to return the Crystal Coconut. When they finally manage to deliver it, Cranky takes it...and slams the door in their faces.
    Cranky: Well, whaddya know... (SLAM!) It wasn't a trick after all!
  • Despite its cliched premise, The Big Switcheroo, is amazingly funny, particularly surrounding the flip between Candy and Klump:
    Klump!Candy: You'd better not have damaged that body, you slimy tadpole!
    Candy!Klump: You call this a body? I eat pretzels fatter 'n this!
    • Heck, even the head-pun scene is So Bad, It's Good.
    • Then there's this exchange when Cranky realizes what happened to the robot he built for Bluster.
    Cranky: You're never going to believe this, Bluster. DK and the robot have switched brains. The robot has DK's brain!
    Bluster: In that case, I expect a discount. (Miniature rimshot)
  • In "Ape-nesia", when K.Rool, Klump and Krusha are spying on Pirate!DK:
    K.Rool: So that's it! There's the reason Donkey Kong took my throne!
    Klump: Uh, he, um... wanted a seat?
    K.Rool: NO, you knucklehead! For some reason, Donkey Kong thinks he's a pirate, so he's pirating everything that's not glued down!
    Klump: Well, maybe... he's "brainy-washed"!
    K.Rool: Something only you could be immune to...
    Krusha: He-He could be, uh... "hyp-potized".
    K.Rool: WHATEVER!
  • When Skurvy gives his speech the third time in "The Legend of the Crystal Coconut", even he's bored of it!
    Skurvy: Arr, Kongo-Bongo Island, family heirloom, yada-yada-yada, claim me birthright, great-great-Grandpappy, pity the landlubber shark-bait what stops me, yyyyyyyyada-yada-yada. (beat) What was the next part?
    DK: Uh, your tooth?
    Skurvy: Oh, yeah. OW! On my honor, grant any favor, yada-yada-yada, swamp-suckin'-scallywag to rid me of this OWWWW toothache, doing what pirates do best, STEAL BOOTY. (sigh)
    K. Rool: Pirates don't honor anything! They're pure scum, who steal booty!
    • And the payoff, after DK knocks out Scurvy's tooth;
    Scurvy: Why, you-! Hey, my toothache's gone! Well, blow me down! Har har! And shiver me timbers! It's turning out to be a good villain day after all!
    Cranky: Not so fast! According to your great, great, great pirate oath, you owe Donkey Kong a favor!
    Scurvy: No, no no! I'd be walkin' the plank before I-
    Cranky: No, no, no, I heard you loud and clear. You said, "On my honor, I swear on the great, great, great pirate oath…"
    Scurvy: Okay, okay! I can't bear to hear it again.
  • In "Barrel, Barrel, Who's Got The Barrel?", DK and Diddy are looking for the barrel containing the Crystal Coconut in the White Mountains and meet Eddie the Mean Old Yeti, who is hitting a barrel with a stick.
    Eddie: Heavy stick, good grip. For Eddie, way too small!
    Diddy: Hey, friend, you found our barrel, mister uh, mister...?
    Eddie: Ed-die.
    Diddy: Ed-die, as in... the Mean Old Yeti? Oh, eh-heheh...
    DK: Uh, Mr. Meany, I mean, Eddie, Sir Yeti, heheheh. That's our barrel. We'll just take it and be on our way, okay?
    Eddie: No! Eddie get bonked on head by raining barrel! It mine!
    DK: You can keep the barrel! We just need what's inside.
    Eddie: It mine! All mine! (Runs off with barrel)
    Diddy: So that's Eddie the Yeti?
    DK: Uh-huh. And he's got the Coconut.
  • The entirety of "Just Kidding," which involves Cranky playing pranks on DK, Diddy and Candy. After DK gets the Crystal Coconut back from K. Rool by pranking him that the Crystal Coconut is cursed, DK trips and drops a fake Crystal Coconut, and the fake Crystal Coconut breaks, and Cranky thinks that the island is doomed, and his reaction is priceless.
  • The song "Be Bad" from the episode "Hooray for Holly-Kongo Bongo," where Donkey Kong decides to play against type as a bad guy in the movie. The song is altogether hilarious, but special points go to King K. Rool's part:
    King K. Rool: I never tip, I butt in line, I never clean the dishes and it suits me fine.

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