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Funny / Challenge of the GoBots

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  • In "Renegade Rampage, Part One", we have this exchange when Scooter asks how they're going to get the Tramulet back from Cy-Kill.
    Turbo: We, uh, get in there and take it.
  • This exchange at the end of "The Seer".
    Blockhead: Duh, maybe it's best that we don't know our future.
    Cy-Kill: Who asked you?
  • Pretty much all of Braxis' insane ramblings in "Braxis Goes Bonkers", but this one takes the cake.
    Braxis: I'm the greatest genius since Isaac Newton discovered gravity! Since Leonardo da Vinci discovered flight! Since Anton Goldmensch discovered ketchup!
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  • In "Inside Job", Cop-Tur appears to insult Crasher by telling her that she needs a map to find her brain and calling her "brick breath". After Cop-Tur flees, he turns out to actually have been Scooter disguising himself with a hologram, who then laughs and states that he hopes he didn't offend Crasher.
  • After Crasher gets beaten in "Quest for New Earth", Cy-Kill ends up having to carry her back to the Renegades' ship.
    Cy-Kill: This GoBot needs to lose some weight!
  • From the IDW comic; after the final battle between Leader-1 and Cy-Kill ends with both of them dead, Road Ranger and Bug Bite find their remains and debate what to do with them. After deciding that resurrecting the two of them would only prolong their conflict, Road Ranger decides to take the parts from both of them to create a new GoBot, one who would have the best qualities of both. They create Starscream.