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  • The beginning of Tom's first battle in "Welcome to Chaotic" against Sam Shady.
    Tom/Maxxor: (Tom is transported to Glacier Plains) Okay, it finally happened...I lost my mind.
    • The robot criticizing Tom and his reaction to being transported for the first time.
    • Not to mention Tom's scream after the robot talks to him.
  • "Unexpected", Kaz's plan for getting close enough to scan one of the first Viledrivers.
    Kaz: Here's the plan. You distract Ulmar while I scan the Viledriver.
    He'arring: Bad plan, make a new one!
    Kaz: Too late. *kick*
    • Better still, Ulmar and He'arring both running in panic to get away from Kaz while he's test-driving the Viledriver. Course He'arring's suffering was pretty funny all throughout the episode, right to the end.
    • Peyton, just Peyton.
  • In "Everything is in Flux", when Xaerv was supposedly imprisoned by Krystella's "magic circle". Basically all she'd done was trick him with a circle she'd drawn on the ground, poor guy.
  • When Crawsectus shield failed him in "Over Under Rent Asunder". Even the music stopped.
  • From "Crash Course", one word: Yokkis.
    • The look on Klay's face when he saw Kaz on the Viledriver was absolutely priceless.
    Kaz/Chaor: This is a Viledriver!
    Klay/Pyrithion: Ah? Ugh...*Klay's fire extinguishes and he drops his weapon*
  • When Wamma gets the drop on the two Danian guards holding Sarah prisoner in "Buggin' Out".
    • When Odu-Bathax blasted one of the helpless guards during training.
    Guard: ...Ouch.
  • When Kaz (as Chaor) walks up to Gothos Tower in "Lord of Treachery".
    Kaz: ...Pretty.
    • As the real Chaor was fighting Von Bloot, Kaz tries to help by giving him some Battle Gear and Mugic. Chaor being Chaor initially refuses, but another blast from Von Bloot quickly makes him change his strategy.
    Chaor: I don't need anything! (almost gets blasted and Kaz waves the Spectral Viewer at him) ...Well, I guess it couldn't hurt.
  • During Sarah's story in "Battledrome of the Sexes" about Intress defending a passage into the Overworld from some Underworlds Intress teases Zalic about sleeping on the job. It's funny when you read the text on Zalic's real-life card, which states he never sleeps.
  • Tom and Kaz's "battle" as Zalic and Chaor in the episode "Fallen Hero", especially the part when Kaz/Chaor tries to imitate Intress.
    • And just before their battle...
    Kaz/Chaor: Hey have I ever let you down?
    Tom/Zalic: (no pause) Yes.
    Kaz/Chaor: I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
  • The episode "Scavenger Scan" has Peyton scanning some Mipedians, then he has a Freak Out in front of his Mipedian friends while over analyzing his strategy against Kaz. By the end he's so mixed up that Qwun is actually left scratching his head out of confusion.
  • Tom and Kaz's sword fight in "The Ultimate Scan".
    • Peyton, again.
  • Tom's science project in "Chaotic Crisis": a volcano made out of tortilla chips, nacho cheese and jalapeños. He calls it a Mexican volcano.
  • This little gem from "Fire Fighters".
    Kaz: (all of Underworld City is on fire) I've got to get a location scan of this! Come on! (Kaz runs towards the flames)
    He'arring: It's too dangerous, why do you think EVERYBODY ELSE IS RUNNING AWAY!
    • Same episode: Peyton tries to consume large amounts of food in Chaotic so that when he ports back home, he'll be sick of food for the rest of the day. It doesn't work.
    Peyton: Ohhhh... I need to get something... to eat!
  • Kaz trying to protect Peyton with a Mipedian spear in "A Flux Too Far", only for Peyton to look at him funny and Siado to immediately point out that he's holding the weapon backwards.
  • The DromeMaster of Battledrome Oron gets a good line in "Going Under".
    "Because Izalizard has proven his bravery... by his choice of... headgear... he will attack first."
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  • Wamma and Sarah's trade with the Danian in "Trading Cards". He gives them a Mugic in exchange for an invisibility device (read: completely ordinary can opener).
  • From "Dual, Duel", Kaz/Chaor and Tom/Maxxor can dance. Aw yeah!
    Robot: Can I get you anything?
    Peyton: Yeah, two hotdog's.
  • Once when Klay and Krystella where hypnotized in "Dual, Duel Part 2", Kazz ordered them to fight each other as creatures. While they're still human.
  • When Tom and the others were caught trying to scan the new battlegear in "Chaor's Commando's". He looks and sounds like the proverbial kid in the cookie jar. And given Tangath-Toborn's friendship with Maxxor, Tom probably knows that Maxxor is going to find out later, and that he's going to get into trouble again for it later on.
    • In the second part of the episode, Chaor has found the new telebracer for Maxxor, only for Bodal to start lecturing him about the area being off limits, assuming him to be an Overworld civilian. Chaor slowly turns to Bodal and Bodal goes "C-C-C-Chaor?!" in utter horror. Chaor slowly and softly says "Hi", right before he ties Bodal up with an attack. The whole thing is hilarious, especially given that this is one of the few times Chaor intentionally softens his voice, as most of his dialogue is him yelling out half of his lines.
    • After he gets away with the telebracer, Chaor teleports right beside Bodal, who has just been freed, just to scare him, then immediately teleports away again, as Bodal faints.
  • Tom and Peyton's match in the episode "Mega Match" starts like it's going to be really cool, one hundred and five vs one hundred and five creatures does sound cool. By the end of the episode they can't even finish their battle because they've fallen asleep.
  • Despite how quickly the episode got serious. "Time's Up" had a lot of really good moments. Like when after the guys finally find Sarah, de-aged to an adorable five year old tot.
    • Old Peyton is just as much of a cuckoolander as normal/young Peyton.
  • At the end of When a "Codemaster Calls", when it turns out that it was never Hottek we get this gem:
    Peyton: I trusted you man! I trusted you with a secret I wasn't supposed to tell anybody!
    Kaz: (deadpan) can't be trusted either.
    Peyton: SHUT UP KAZ!"
    Tom: No you shut up Peyton, I didn't trick anybody!
    Kaz: (still deadpan) Not with those sneakers you didn't.
    Peyton and Sarah: SHUT UP KAZ!
  • This one's debatable, but in "Raznus Returns" Intress contacts Maxxor to tell him about the Danians attacking the arsenal. She tells him that they have a major problem and he responds, almost incredulously, another one. Now this could be translated into two things, one it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin and they have a big problem, but given a certain player's track record and his last name, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to say that she might've also been saying that Tom had managed to get himself into trouble. Again.
  • Just before Klay (as Uberaan) gets coded by Peyton (as Blazvatan) in "War Beasts".
    Klay: (sporting a perfect Oh, Crap! expression) Oh snap!
  • During Kaz's turn at narration of the "Last Stand" two-parter.
    Kaz: (while narrating in a calm voice) Peyton got caught in the Mipiden Oasis, and Tom and Sarah ported there to save him. They missed the cut-off so they were trapped in Perim. Luckly I kept my cool. (speaking to Sarah, with a very un-calm voice at high speed) Are you in Kiru City?! Did the M'arillians attack?! What's happening?!
    Sarah: Like I told you two minutes ago, when we find out anything, you'll be the first one we call!
  • During the Perithon race, Kaz and Peyton enter in place of Yterio, alarming Sarah who tries to talk them out of it.
    Sarah: (to Tom) Don't you have anything to say about this?!
    Tom: Yeah! (to Peyton and Kaz) Can I come too?
    • The looks on the creatures' faces when they realize that two humans won the Perithon is priceless. Literally everybody's jaw was slack, including the leaders'.
    • In the end it's Chaor's almost instant recovery that really sells it. He jumps right in telling everybody that since Kaz is an Underworld fan, that makes him an Underworld representative.
    • During the race, the tribe leaders (and their aids) start getting a little carried away with their cheering. Maxxor takes a moment to look at all of them, then joins in.
  • A case of fridge funny but every time Tom and or his friends get into trouble that somehow affects the whole of Perim, almost none of their creature friends so much as bat an eye. They're so used to it that they've stopped questioning it when the kids show up! Najarin even Lampshades it in "Yesterday's Heroes", when Tom comes to him to ask about Maxxor's ancestry.
    Najarin: What dire problem brings you to my castle this time?
  • During "Worlds Apart", Aivenna's unintentional deadpan snarking during her training with Drabe.
    Drabe: I've told you many times Aivenna, if you try to dodge trouble it comes back to strike you.
    Aivenna: (innocently) You tell me many wise things Drabe, it's hard to remember them all.
    • At the end of the episode, when Tom wonders aloud what it would be like if Klay had a twin, Kaz shivers in disgust.
  • Time's Up has Sarah, Peyton and Kaz going under the effects of being aged backwards and forwards. Whilst Sarah becomes an adorable child, Peyton becomes an old man and Kaz turns middle aged and finds out not only is he fat, but has also lost all his hair.


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