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Funny / Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

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  • The announcement for the Funimation dub leads begins with Monica Rial and Jason Liebrecht playing Go Fish with the Clow Cards.
  • Many people (including the dub's voice director) made a point of pointing out that Touya and Yukito are being voiced by My Hero Academia's Bakugo and Deku, with all that entails.
  • Kaito's dub VA Brandon McInnis being confident about the role, having access to someone who knows full well about being one hell of a butler — cue said someone unamusingly asking his boyfriend if he microwaved his tea in Sebastian's voice.
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  • The anime straight up opens with a "Leave It to Kero" segment, where Kero tries to recap the previous anime. Keyword here being "try".
  • The "Leave It to Kero" segment for Episode 6 has Kero mention that he met a "monkey guy" who got in trouble with a god for eating a peach. Suppie's following cue card reads 'WUKONG?! YOU'VE MET HIM?!'.
  • In Episode 11, when Yamazaki, known for being a Bad Liar, finally tells the truth for once on purpose, leaving Chiharu shocked and exclaiming that Yamazaki telling the truth is not normal.
  • In Episode 17, Sakura's epic "Hoeee?!!" after realizing she left her apron for Home Ec class at home and had to rush back to get it.
  • In Chapter 32-33, when Syaoran was discussing with Sakura about how she has been creating the Clear Cards, Syaoran suddenly turns young, even younger than when she first met him. While they obviously know that a Clear Card is at work, Sakura can't help but squee over Syaoran's younger body. Not helping the fact that his clothes stayed the same size, thus tripping over them while Sakura squees some more. When she captures it, the card Rewind takes on the appearance of the younger Syaoran, she ends up squeeing some more after that.
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  • In chapter 34, after discussing why Spinel and Ruby have returned to Tomoeda, there is one thing on Kero's mind... local multiplayer games with Spinel!


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