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  • The A-plot of "Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way" is stuffed with stand-out moments, such as when they get an unexpected video call while Gerentex is trying to hijack the ship.
    Bounty hunter: I'm looking for a Nightsider.
    • Something that hovers between CMOF and Fridge Horror:
      Bounty hunter: Gerentex, you're coming with me: Dead, alive, or otherwise.
    • Harper explaining the situation with the Eureka Maru's dead-man switch:
      Harper: You kill her, I kill you, you lose. You kill her and you kill me, the ship blows up, you still lose. Either way, you lose.
      Trance: Um, excuse me, could we please discuss the "killing her" part?
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    • After Harper celebrates successfully escaping from an attacker.
      Gerentex: Hellloooo... does anyone remember whose idea it was?
      Harper: Shaddup rat. Just tell me where to go.
      Gerentex: I have several suggestions.
    • Just after finding what they're looking for, Harper and Gerentex predictably try to get the drop on each other, ending up with guns to each other's heads just as the show cuts to a commercial break. When they return, the two are still locked there.
      Trance: Um, guys, it's been like twenty minutes now, and I'm getting kind of bored...
  • "Into the Labyrinth" features a few from Charlemagne Bolivar, a Nietzchean (played by James Marsters) whose Sabra-Jaguar Pride has some history with Tyr's Kodiak Pride, all of it bad.
    Tyr: (coldly courteous) What would you like, Jaguar?
    Charlemagne: The usual: hundreds of grandchildren, utter domination of known space, and the pleasure of hearing that all my enemies have died in terrible, highly improbable accidents that cannot be connected to me. And you?
    Tyr: (laughing, despite himself) ... The usual.
    • To Dylan, listing the reasons why he should (or shouldn't) have them as his allies:
      Charlemagne: There are at least three good reasons you shouldn't let the Sabra-Jaguar Pride join your new Commonwealth: we are renowned for our treachery; we are at war with the Drago-Kazov Pride; and we will constantly remind you of your genetic inferiority. Now, here's the upside: we are renowned for our treachery; we are at war with the Drago-Kazov Pride; and, did I mention we command the third-largest fleet in the known worlds?
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    • Shortly before that, while Dylan is proudly showing off the Andromeda to his guests:
      Dylan: And, in the case of an emergency, the ship can be piloted from the gunnery nose.
      Charlemagne: Emergency? You mean in the event that the Command Deck crew is reduced to a fine red mist and splattered across the walls in a bloody mural?
      Dylan: [Beat] That would qualify, yes.
      Höhne: Fascinating! And do such emergencies arise with a degree of frequency, or are they a rare occurrence?
      Dylan: (Muttering) Not as rare as I would like...
  • In the episode "A Rose In The Ashes", the gang exits slipstream where they thought they'd find a planet, but it turns out it's not there.
    Tyr: I can usually spot a planet. They're large, I have good eyes.
  • In "Chaos and the Stillness of It" Rommie and Doyle unexpectely run into some mooks:
    Doyle: What is that?
    Rommie: I don't know but it didn't work!
    Cue all-out brawl.
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  • Rommie, an android in the form of a petite woman, is essentially Immune to Bullets. Tyr, the resident Scary Black Man and Proud Warrior Race Guy, will use her as mobile cover from time to time, hunching behind her while shooting over her shoulders as they advance.

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