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The Spirit of the Abyss is the Shower Guy from Star Trek: Enterprise.
He shows up at key points in history to try and rewrite it. His intervention led to the Magog destroying the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is descended from The Culture.
Hence the naming of their ships Balance of Judgment, Renewed Valor and especially the ships The Continuation of Politics and Salient Debate.

Andromeda Ascendant is a relatively "normal" name - but it belongs to the Glorious Heritage Class.

The Culture fell some time after Earth became a member. The Vedran Empire is the last offshoot of the Culture (and why they are able to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, called "subliming" in the Culture.


Most of the "Hardcore Fans" watched the show at a very young age and/or had not seen many other Space Opera shows at the time.
Okay... obviously Growing the Beard and Seasonal Rot are matters of opinion. But the "hardcore" fans believe that the show was at its best before "Ourboros," and everything went downhill after. However, the show did poorly even in its early seasons, with reviews specifically citing its Narmy nature and storm of cliches. Both these elements are noticeably lessened after "Ourboros," with the show taking a somewhat more serious tone (but still lighthearted compared to other scifis of its type at the time), characters gaining less stereotypical personalities, and human villains with human motivations as opposed to mindless monsters. The latter were also.... well to be blunt, the Magog are like something out of a children's show, when they actually appear onscreen. This troper has to conclude that the "hardcore fans" haven't actually re-watched much of the show since childhood, and/or just haven't gained much exposure to Space Opera so they don't notice the cliches. Some fans on the internet have outright expressed disappointment in re-watching the show, with their viewings as adults contrasting drastically to their nostalgia.
  • Aditionally, most of those who call themselves "hardcore fans" haven't actually read the famous Robert Wolfe's Coda script, but only descriptions of it. While it plans for the crew to end up as the leaders of all the factions (which is awesome), those descriptions usualy fail to mention it also ends in an horribly anticlimatic cliffhanger, and with the characters knowing that one of them (but having no idea who) is bound to die. Some fans have actally stated to be glad said Wolfe's vision wasn't what finally happened with the series.


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