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  • When Rick Rubin got Aerosmith together to record "Walk This Way" with Run DMC in New York, they decided it needed some bass but they didn't have a bass guitar in the studio. Who provided one for them? MCA from Beastie Boys, who happened to be in the building!
  • In the prologue to his book, Steven compares the band's love-hate relationship to boys passing on punches on the playground. "Only in my new gang, Brad punched Tom, Tom punched Joey, Joey punched Joe, and Joe punched me (in the mouth)..."
  • Also from his book: After briefly going into Joey Kramer's "size" he goes on to describe the other members' endowments: "..two are hung like a Sopwith Camel, one's got a licorice nib, and one has a BIG TEN INCH. I won't say who that is...but his first name is Steven."
    • He also takes great care to describe that Joey's not afraid to wear spandex pants and doesn't bother to 'dress' to the left or right like most guys do.
  • This: All of it. Though special mention goes to Steven's limerick.
    • That video is also dripping with Joe/Steven Ho Yay. Between Joe's remark about how he'll bring out the whips and chains later if Steven shuts up and does the commercial right and how much Steven breaks into giggles and stifles them by burying his face against Joe's arm/shoulder...
  • A compilation of some of Steven's finest moments on American Idol.
  • Try to keep a straight face while watching the beginning of this video. Sexy!
  • Tom seems to have a lot of fun with the intros to these videos. COME CLOSAH! ... Ugh! That's close enough!
  • The band (minus Brad) had a press conference in Los Angeles in early 2012. The four members of the band that showed arrived at the Grove in their own way: Steven was on a bright green three-wheeled motorcycle, Joey arrived in a flashy sports car, Joe took a taxi cab, and Tom? Tom showed up riding in a cart being pulled by some other guy. Tom's a little different, if you haven't noticed yet.
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  • The introduction skit done with *NSYNC just before their joint Super Bowl performance...where both groups sing "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" and immediately do a Double Take at each other.
  • The belch that closes "Eat the Rich". Which Steven is perfectly capable of doing live!


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