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Fridge Logic

  • A behind-the-scenes one. Revelation's Vincent is pretty much Silent Hill 3's Vincent In Name Only. He filled what was Douglas' role in the game, which would be fine, except that Douglas is in this movie! For a few minutes anyway, then he's randomly killed by a monster in the elevator. Whoever wrote this movie was clearly a fan of the game, so why did they bother to include Douglas at all, only to kill him and then replace him with someone who is essentially an entirely original character?
  • That and they end up having Leonard fulfill Vincents role from the games as well. They really screwed over the original roles of the characters from the games in this movie to make an excuse of having Vincent become Heather's teenage love interest for little to no reason or justification, and it comes off as having some Unfortunate Implications for a lot of reasons.
    • First of all, in the games Vincent was an Ensemble Dark Horse and played himself off as a smooth operator with a certain likeable charm to him, but ultimately he filled the role of creepy uncle to Heather that never did anything against her, but she still felt uncomfortable even being in the same room with him because he was just so slimey. It went along with the theme of stalking the game had as a common fear of teenage girls, and twisting a character who was a creeper in the game into the love interest is missing the point to where it becomes uncomfortable.
    • For two, Heather never HAD a love interest in the game. She was an independent female figure who, more or less, relied on herself to overcome the horrors of Silent Hill to accomplish her goal. Men filled an important role in her life, but as a paternal figure to guide her through the confusing time in her life that is being a teenager, not as a cliche protectorate. This really stood out in the realm of female video game heroines, and sticking her with a romance that has very little reason or chemistry kinda diminishes that (though to be fair she never picks up the Damsel in Distress ball and had to wait for Jon Snow to come save her, in fact quite the opposite)
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    • It's another case of Designated Love Interest! Heather has known Vincent for maybe a day, at most, and know nothing about each other except maybe that they have the whole "the cult of Silent Hill is in our backstory" in common. It's the usual challenge of "name one thing they like to do together/have in common/both like" for shallow love interests that they simply don't pass. And it's inarguable that he's meant to be a love interest since it's basically all but stated to the camera in the ending, especially notable since Harry is abandoning his daughter to the care of this complete stranger he's just met.
      • Simply because they are thrown together to become certified "love interests" does not mean that this is the only option. I think they did this to silence a few naysayers, but they hardly made them fall into each other's arms, or otherwise overtly suggest they were going to marry and live happily ever after. They are kinda free now to choose their own destiny, but what would be the point of separating from the only other person that understands what you've gone to at this point? Why not help each other start over again, at least at the beginning?
      • You're not familiar with the Designated Love Interest trope are you? Because Vincent/Heather is a textbook example.
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    • They're cousins. Kinda squicky.
      • They aren't cousins. The "sister" Claudia was referring to was the villain of the first movie, Christabella-who is NOT related to Heather in any way.
      • Claudia is Christabella's sister, who is Dahlia's sister, who is Alessa's mother, who is Heather. So yeah, cousins.
      • Most likely those in charge forgot / didn't know that Dahlia and Christabella were sisters because it wasn't explicit enough in the first film.
      • The same people who made the first one made this one. I do not accept lazyness as an excuse for shit writing. And what do you mean "it wasn't explicate"? Christabella refers to Dahlia as "sister." Several times! And not in a nun-style-we're-all-children-of-god kind of way either, they're blood related, they make it clear.
      • Actually, at least in the version I saw last night, Christabella only refers to Dahlia as "sister" once, in the flashback where Dark Alessa tells Rose how "the rest of the family" didn't like Alessa. I can see how people could miss it. And this film had a different writer and director from the first one. But I agree that it's annoying they ignored it.
      • Didn't the film say that Heather's actually an (unnamed) orphan baby into whom the love-capable part of Alessa's nature had been transplanted? Unless that orphan baby was also related to Vincent, there's no blood connection, only a fragment of a personality that's long since had time to grow into a completely different girl.

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  • In-Universe Explanation. Pyramid Head was in the first film as part of Alessa's nightmare/curse upon the Order. As we learn in the film, nothing has changed in regards to Alessa's war against the Order. While she got revenge against the faction of the Order that burned her, there are still different factions and groups of the Order, and Dark Alessa is still punishing them through her creatures. As nothing has changed, Pyramid Head is still around, as he is part of Alessa's ongoing nightmare. If there was someone else controlling the nightmare, the monsters would be different and the Otherworld's appearance would be different as well.
  • Why didn't Sharon / Heather use her gun on the mannequin spider?
    • Or bash it's in with a pipe? The reason is they only had Heather actually fight off anything when needed to make the plot work and in an attempt to heighten the terror. Revelations may be considered an Actionized Sequel, but it only qualifies because the first movie hardly any combat whatsover on the part of the protagonist.
  • If Vincent lived most of his life in the Otherworld of Silent Hill, when did he learn how to drive? Cars have been shown to not function in the Otherworld.
    • Cars have also been shown to function perfectly well in the Otherworld. See the first movie's ending, for example. A bigger question would be how Vincent is even remotely able to function in a normal society without appearing like a nutcase — or indeed why he doesn't react to his new environs with serious awe, considering what he is supposed to be used to.
      • They do not. The ending of the first movie has them driving home in the FOG WORLD, not the OTHERWORLD. The scene where Sean Bean and Rose are in the same place but don't see each other established that the fog world and the normal world are different (in the context of the movies) and has a totally different rule set from the Otherworld.
      • It's been stated that mechanical devices work when Alessa wants them to. I doubt she would want the cultists, her enemies to have functioning vehicles. A simpler explanation would be that the cultists trained Vincent by putting a derelict car in neutral and driving that way. When he crossed over and established himself, he bribed the DMV officials into giving him a license.
      • We learned that, like the games, people from outside do find their way into the Otherworld. I'd imagine that the Order had adopted a policy of capturing outsiders, tortured them for information about the outside world, and then either forcefully converted or burned them at the stake for heresy. For instance, I'm sure that they now know about Facebook.
      • After they leave the asylum, Vincent briefly mentions how the Darkness should've gone away by now by with Heather being in Silent Hill, Alessa is possibly growing stronger. It seems implied that both the Otherworld and Fog World are still features of Silent Hill. Vincent could've learned to drive while Fog World is active. We simply never see anything but Otherworld during the movie since Alessa is pissed her better half has returned. Alessa's potential power boost and Heather herself being pissed at all the evil people in the movie probably doesn't help Silent Hill's Otherworld problem much.
  • What on earth was the entire point of Suki's existence? She drops in out of nowhere with the "we took a wrong turn" nonsense straight out of a slasher movie that completely flies in the face of every theme of Silent Hill from both sources, it doubly makes no sense as we know for a fact from the first film that Silent Hill is simply an abandoned smoked-out coal town for anybody that walks in unless Alessa has some reason to do otherwise.

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