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Trivia / Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

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  • Acting for Two: Adelaide Clemens plays both Heather and the adult Dark Alessa.
  • Creator Killer: Michael J Bassett has yet to make another film since Revelation.
  • Franchise Killer: The overwhelmingly negative reception to this film ensured that no further Silent Hill films would be made, despite being a modest box office success.
  • Lying Creator: Michael J. Bassett stated multiple times that Revelation would be a "sequel [to Silent Hill] first, adaptation [of Silent Hill 3] second". Considering the multitude of retcons towards the first film, almost all of which bring the film closer in-line with Silent Hill 3, this was clearly never his intention.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Adelaide Clemens plays both Sharon and Alessa, replacing Jodelle Ferland from the first film.
    • Erin Pitt plays both young Sharon and young Alessa, also replacing Jodelle Ferland.


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