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Fridge / Saint Seiya Next Dimension

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Fridge Brilliance

Fridge Logic

  • Timey-Wimey Ball
    • When Shun fights the Cancer saint of the past, he's sent to the underworld and bears witness to the souls of the dead wandering into the afterlife, and amongst them he recognizes Seiya. Who at this point in time doesn't even exist yet. Heck, if you prefer the reincarnation theory to the Generation Xerox pattern Next Dimension establishes, then Seiya's soul is currently Tenma, who is alive and well.
    • For whatever reason, the gang only has three days to destroy Hades's sword in the past and save Seiya. But they're in the past, so they'd technically have until Hades dies and reincarnates.
      • Then again Chronos is trolling them so it is likely he has his own reasons for this restriction.


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