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The 18th Century Sagittarius Saint is Aioros

It’s stated that Aioros body was never found after he gave up Saori to Mitsumasa, and so far in Next Dimension, we don’t know who the Sagittarius Saint is, add that to the fact that Aioros wasn’t revived alongside the other Saints during the Hades saga and that the he couldn’t write the message on his temple right after he took Athena and left. What if Aioros traveled back in time to the last holy war?

  • Jossed. The 18th century Sagittarius Saint is his own person, Sagittarius Gestalt, who at first looks like an actual centaur and wears the Sagittarius Cloth in its object form. He is also a far more conflicted individual than the exemplary Aiolos, and true to his Meaningful Name, has a thin grasp on reality.
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