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Fridge Brilliance

  • Snipes is claustrophobic because, being a small bird, he's used to wide open spaces to fly in. Being stuck in a small, enclosed space would, naturally, be terrifying for him.
  • Snipe is a magpie. It's believed magpies are omens of good luck or bad luck. If you remember the rhyme about magpies, one magpie alone is not good luck. It's no wonder Edmond and his friends run into obstacles every now and again during their journey. And maybe, unwittingly, Snipe wasn't too far off the mark when he said "I'm just holding you back, see ya, bye".
  • It takes a while to get the pun, but after the song "I wanna Rock", the bodyguards actually sing their "I Am" Song: they are "bouncers".
    • Also, it explains why they are disproportionately big for amphibeans. As bouncers, it's a popular stereotype to make them bigger and stronger than most people. So by bodyguard standards, they're just the right size for their job.
    • Listen to their "I Am" Song: there's a touch of organ playing in their song. Who else plays the organ? The Grand Duke of Owls. This hints that their boss Pinky is in cahoots with the Duke.
  • Our Big Bad of the movie being a Duke fits a royalty motif when you consider that Chanteclare is "the King".


Fridge Horror

  • When Edmond and the gang are tied up in the trailer and Hunch breaks in to try to kill them, we see a tiger skin rug. Heck, Hunch even gets bitten by it. Now, a tiger skin rug would be perfectly normal if this wasn't a city inhabited by animals. Think about that for a moment.
    • If you think about it, the tiger skin acts as vague proof that Pinky will make good on his word to harm Edmond and his companions if Chanteclare doesn't cooperate.
  • Notice Hunch's thin, bare, pink neck. He's supposed to be a pygmy owl, right? Pygmy owls - heck, no owl has a thin neck like that. That neck of his most likely used to have feathers covering it. It's made quite obvious that the Duke hates Hunch and abuses him. So, how do you think Hunch lost all those feathers?
  • When we are first introduced to the Duke's owl henchmen, there are six of them (besides Hunch). These same six owls appear alongside the Duke throughout the movie. Then comes the scene when the Duke turns into a tornado. Here, there are only five owls. You don't think that the Duke and the other owls got a bit too hungry after Edmond and the gang ruined their picnic, do you?
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  • There's also a scene in which Hunch is singing a song, and finishes with "most of all, Mom... I miss you". It may be just a song, but considering that the Duke is his uncle, who's willing to bet the Duke killed his sister/sister-in-law (depending on how Hunch is related to him) for some reason?

Fridge Logic:

  • There are quite a few scenes that make zero sense. One of the first comes early on, when Edmond realizes he's naked, covering himself in embarrassment (though he doesn't appear to have anything to cover up). To help cover himself up, he puts on a long-sleeved shirt... which still leaves his lower half completely exposed.
  • Another instance of this is when the club Chanticleer is playing at bans all cats, mice, dogs and birds. How do Edmond and the gang sneak in? By dressing as penguins...
  • To say nothing of the glaring question, if Chanticleer is needed to make the sun rise, why did it rise that one time without his help?
    • Unkle Dukey did it, maybe?
      • More practical explanation: Chanticleer's crowing awakens the sun every morning. One morning it accidentally wakes up a little early, then (as shown in the movie) it basically realizes its "alarm clock" (Chanticleer's crowing) hasn't gone off yet and goes back to bed.
      • Chanticleer's crow energizes the sun. There was a little bit of left-over from yesterday's crow so the sun came up a little. Once it ran out of crowing energy, it went back down until Chanticleer's super-crow, which super-energized it, causing it to rise straight to the middle of the sky.
      • As a small child, this Troper always assumed that the Sun saw how the other animals mocked Chanticleer and drove him away so she refused to rise again as punishment for their bad behavior.
      • God got bored one day and wanted to fuck around with a rooster, so he played yo-yo with the sun.
    • There's the fact that the Duke is shown to have insanely powerful magic of some kind. One possibility is that the sun doesn't actually need Chanticleer's help to rise each morning, but that his crowing is needed to dispel the Duke's power when the owls try to prevent the sun from rising; this could have been going on for so long that the farm animals all forgot that Chanticleer's crowing is protecting the sun from the Duke rather than actually making the sun rise. By having his underlings keep Chanticleer from crowing the one time, the Duke crushes Chanticleer's spirit and makes the animals lose faith in him, leading to him leaving the farm. At that point, the Duke is free to come in and prevent the sun from ever rising again, and he sets things up to ensure Chanticleer doesn't come back because he knows that the rooster can ruin the whole thing.
  • When Goldie (a pheasant) loses her shoes, we get a closeup of her (albeit, stockinged) feet, which seem human-like with toes etc. However, doesnt every other birdlike-entity in the movie have talons? All other birds in the movie at least look like birds. Goldie is essentially a human with a fowl head.
  • As a nocturnal creature who's Weakened by the Light, it's understandable why the Duke would want to immerse the world in unending darkness. But why would he want it to never stop raining? If everything is flooded, then he and his boys aren't going to have any prey to eat.


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