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Fridge / FernGully: The Last Rainforest

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Fridge Logic

  • How small are those seeds if fairies can hold them between their fingers?
    • Orchid seed. Incredibly small seeds from a tropical plant.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Hexxus' musical number Toxic Love seems at first like just a reference to Hexxus' corruption and an excuse for Tim Curry to sing a sexy song in a kids' movie note , but think about it: Hexxus is the embodiment of pollution. During the entire course of the song, he's helping the Leveler create smog and sludge - i.e. creating more pollution. If Hexxus is pollution, and he's creating more pollution... that means he's reproducing. Polluting nature is his version of sex! No wonder he seems so horny!
  • While on the subject of Hexxus, you have to wonder about his One-Winged Angel bit after the Leveler was shut off. It at first seems to kill him by cutting off the smog he was feeding from (Being a giant sentient smog cloud at the time). But then think back to what he started as. Oil. He even became a black skeleton before the smoke form at the start of Toxic Love. When the smog was gone with the engine turned off, Hexxus decided to go for the source. The oil and gas still in the Leveler.
    • He even hints at this earlier while manipulating Tony and Ralph, when he says to them, "Make sure you've got plenty of oil."

Fridge Horror

  • In his rap, Batty mentions several disturbing things the humans supposedly did to him. In particular, he says he was "vivisectified." A vivisection is when you dissect an animal while it's still alive, which would explain why he has wires beneath his skin.
  • Another thing about Batty's rap. It's brought about when he's about to tell his story of his time at the lab through simple words, only for him to be electrocuted. As soon as he's electrocuted, his response is to clap his hands over his mouth before running away and cowering in a dark corner, almost as if he's trying to hide from the fairies. It comes off as though he really does not want to rap about his time at the lab, and is struggling to avoid doing so. Basically, he's well aware that his actions are affected by the shocks, and he's entirely helpless to stop himself from acting strangely.
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  • The fact that there are no native Australians to be seen is consistent with the fact that many aboriginal Australian cultures have been victims of genocide by colonists.

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