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Funny / FernGully: The Last Rainforest

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  • The vast majority of Batty's dialogue. What else would you expect coming from Robin Williams?
    • "Oh! Gravity works!"
    • "Oh, Caesar, Emperor of Rome!"
      • “Wrong channel!”
    • "I have but one claw; but beware."
    • "Oh, it's Darwin's grab-bag!"
    • This gem:
    Crysta: "But just think! Humans, back in the forest!"
    Batty: "Yep. There goes the neighborhood."
    Crysta: "Be nice, Batty!"
    Batty: "First, all these trees go. Then come your highways, then come your shopping malls and parking lots and convenience stores, and then comes- (Zak flicks the exposed wire on his head to quiet him) Price check on prune juice, Bob? Price check on prune juice?"
    (Crysta's father is confused and he and a smirking Zak just shrug at each other)
    • "Human tales? Human's don't have tails! They have big, big bottoms that they wear with bad shorts, and they walk around going 'Hi, Helen!'"
    • This exchange:
    Zak: (after being shrunk) "Am I... dead?"
    Crysta: "No."
    Batty: (eagerly) "We can fix that for you."
    Batty: "Awesome use of the language, dude."
    • Batty hamming it up to try and convince Crysta not to go to Mt. Warning. Particularly the way Robin Williams says, "Help me, my little wings can't make it!"
  • The goanna's line after he reluctantly lets Zak go:
    Goanna: Oh, man. You owe me a free dinner after this one.
  • Zak waking up to find Crysta leaning over him... while holding his penknife and passport, and mistakenly believing that he's being mugged. Her smile worries him more.
    Zak: Take anything! I won't tell the cops!
  • This exchange:
    Crysta: You can't eat him! He's a human!
    Goanna: Uh... what's a human?
    Batty: Delicious and nutritious. Tastes just like chicken!
  • Zak: Great! I've been shrunk by an amateur!
  • Batty: Nobody cares about me.
    Zak: I do, Bat-Man!
    Batty: You sure?
    Zak: I'm positive.
    Batty: Only fools are positive.
    Zak: Are you sure?
    Batty: I'm positive! (beat) I fell for it! I should have known!
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  • More hammy Batty: "I'M BLIND!! (beat) "I can see! It's a miracle!!"
  • "See you around, Zag!"
  • When Zak and Pips shake hands and give the thumbs up, Pips looks at his thumb and wonders if Zak tricked him into doing an uncool gesture.
  • "Uh, Tony, there's a little man on the window."
  • This one shot after Zak kisses Crysta shows him glance downward and nearly jump out of his skin at what he sees. If you haven't seen this movie before and didn't know what was really going on, you'd believe that he was...for lack of a better term..."Just happy to see her".
  • This exchange between Tony and Ralph:
    [Tony and Ralph are cutting down the tree containing Hexxus; this causes the Leveler to shake violently]
    Ralph: Hey Ton', you think the Leveler can handle this baby?
    Tony: [with his mouth full of food] Sure, the Leveler eats everything.
    Ralph: Kinda like you.
    Tony: [grabs Ralph] How many times a day I gotta threaten your life?

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