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Zack hallucinated the whole thing
Druuuuuuuuuuuuuugs, maaaaan....

Zak knocked up Crysta, and pregnant fairy's are very powerful. that is the real reason she could kick Hexxus' arse
That "remember everything" was just a bit too personal for not to be true.
  • So the only explaination for Crysta being a badass is because she's pregnant?
  • "There's a part of you that will always stay"…
  • So that means the glowing of hands clasped together was a FAIRY's way of making babies?!
  • Maybe she got Zak pregnant?
Magi predicted Hexxus would be free by the humans.
Hence why she's training Crysta when the moment came. The "killing" of the trees is also killing her too, which is why she died.


Hexxus is vampiric.
A verse in "Toxic Love" goes "I see the world and all the creatures in it, I suck 'em dry and spit 'em out like spinach" This indicates Hexxus drains life force or something similar from animals and plants as well as pollution.

Hexxus is the vengeful spirit of the Tweed Volcano.
The ancestors of the ancestors of the ancestors of the fairies sealed it off, and it was only in (sort of) recent memory Hexxus escaped from the depths of the earth. Seeing as the Tweed Volcano is not ACTIVE, hence the need for a fuel source.

Batty is not a fruit bat.
Fruit bats, as mentioned on the main page, do not have radars and should be larger than Batty seems to be. The reason why he refers to himself as a fruit bat is because, well... he's Batty. He's crazy in the coconut.

Some of Zak's credit cards are from his old days.
Because one of them said he's 16. In the actual movie, he must be in his twenties.

Magi Lune is Crysta's grandmother.
They have the same blue eyes, their "magic glow" is blue, and when she dies, Magi Lune passes her role as rainforest protector down to Crysta, similar to how the title of king can pass from father to son.

Zak is an American immigrant to Australia.
It's the only way his accent makes sense, really.
  • It would also explain Tony and Ralph, who really sound like they're from America, specifically somewhere from the East Coast.

Always wondered what Tony, Zak and Ralph were doing in Australia.
Wondered if they weren't working there legally, since they seemed so out of place. Though they could also have just as likely become Australian citizens, or they got work permits, and were doing completely normal and legal logging. It was only when Hexxus got involved that they started logging in a place that might have been a nature preserve.

Hexxus has Medium Awareness, and "Toxic Love" is entirely directed towards the audience.
Let's face it: Although there may be people who simply don't care about the environment, nobody is actively rooting for the pollution of the Earth. That's why Hexxus made his song sound so sexual and badass: To get us to like him more than the heroes. It may also explain his behavior in general, if he knows that some audience members think Evil Is Cool.



Fern Gully is an evil entity bent on taking over the world, and Hexxus was created to stop it.
Fern Gully is a collective Hive Mind of super-intelligent trees that seeks to wipe out all humans and cover the Earth in itself, destroying all other kinds of ecosystems and species in the process. It is the only forest in the entire world that grows through fairy witchcraft. The fairies, the only beings that can speak to the trees, all blindly worship it as a god; and they use their magic to help it grow anywhere it wants to because Earth's diverse ecosystems, such as deserts, can't all support rainforests.

Hexxus was created by human shamans when Fern Gully began to spread too far as a way to keep it under control, much like Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction. Hexxus acts the way he does because he was once human, and his supposed evilness stems from his eccentric personality; and he simply loves his job. He is now a force of nature, keeping balance in the world, fated to be released from his tree prison every generation by humans chosen by destiny to quell Fern Gully's rampant growth.

  • This would explain why Hexxus is the second most likable character in the film after Batty (come on people, Robin Williams!).
  • Note: we do not know whether Hexxus is keeping the balance or whether he's tipping things too far the other way when he's free.

FernGully is set in the future.
For starters, it's the "Last" rainforest. Second, it would explain how the fairies have never seen humans. Mount Warning is a site sacred to the Aborignal people, correct? Perhaps they died out generations ago, with only the oldest fairies (Magie & Crysta's father) having vague recollections of them. The design of the Leveler also looks very futuristic, much larger and more advanced than any modern-day tree harvester.


Hexxus is Tim Curry.
Tim Curry is a force of nature in our world as well.
  • Then does that mean Batty is Robin Williams?

Power Rangers Wild Force is based off this film


Hexxus is an demon of Nurgle from Warhammer 40,000.
He's a living entity of corruption that feeds on pollution and destruction. Nurgle is about decay and entrophy as well as disease, and the worlds under his control tend to be polluted. Just because we haven't seen him try to convert anyone into worshippers doesn't mean that wasn't on the agenda after taking his revenge on his captors.

On that train of thought, Hexxus is the Spider/Pennywise/IT
Same voice and everything.

Hexxus is Xana
Well, they look very similar, only this one talks. And they are both bent on corruption/pollution.

FernGully is actually mental construct within Instrumentality.
All the fairies working together, that is the whole everyone turning into tang, Hexxus is the negative part of Shinji's psyche and is sealed away and Zack is the part of Shinji that rejects instrumentality and is able to return, Crysta is Rei (or Kwarou depending on your ship) Oh, and that Lizard that wants to eat him, that is Gendo.

It also explains why the biology, geography and social demographics are all off. The entire thing is based on the bits and pieces Shinji has picked when he was in class and not getting his ass handed to him by the Angels.

Batty was experimented on by Huey Laforet.
And the other workers at Nebula.

Alternately, it was Franken Stein.

Years after his adventure in FernGully, Zak is kidnapped, brainwashed, and loses all his memories...
...leading him to take on a new identity as none other than Wester. Hey, it's Yasunori Matsumoto doing both, what did you expect?


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