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Film / Ties That Bind (2010)

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Ties That Bind is a 2010 Made-for-TV Movie combining Mystery, Crime, and Thriller. It is directed by Frédéric D'Amours, written by J.B. White, and starred Kristanna Loken, Warren Christie, and Kristen Hager.

Hope Webster (Kristanna Loken) finds herself leaving the comfort of her suburban life for New York City in order to settle the affairs of her best friend Rachel Thomas (Kristen Hager) who has just been murdered. Little does she know that she is being sucked into a vortex of intrigue, where nothing is what it appears to be - including what happened to Rachel - a vortex that ultimately becomes a fight for Hope's life. Not to mention she has to deal with Peter Wilson (Warren Christie), who has "attractive, dangerous man" written all over him.

Not to be confused with Ties That Bind (2006).

This film provides examples of:

  • Amoral Attorney: Meredith Cole.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Despite her history of accepting bribes from Meredith to let her clients off the hook, Judge Evelyn Rowe finally draws a line when it comes to the case of notorious crime lord Santos Calderon.
  • Faking the Dead: Rachel Thomas turns out to be not so dead after all.
  • Love Interest: Peter Wilson is this for Hope Webster.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: Meredith Cole's death is staged to look like she slipped and hit her head while getting out of the bathtub.
  • Morality Pet: Evelyn Rowe's daughter Tessa is implied to be this for her, seeing as how Bobby Calderon threatening to harm Tessa if Evelyn doesn't get his father out of prison is what motivates Evelyn to turn him into the police, despite knowing that it would end up costing her her career.
  • Police Are Useless: Hope Webster actually has to go to the crime scene and do all the work and investigation herself.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Once things have settled down for them, Hope chides Rachel for allowing her and her loved ones to think she was dead.