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Film / Ties That Bind (2006)

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Ties That Bind is a 2006 drama and thriller directed by Terry Ingram, written by Andy Callahan and Jeffrey Schenck, and starring Nicole de Boer, Brian Krause, and Sonya Salomaa.

A young married couple, whose names are Megan Mahoney (Nicole de Boer) and Dave Geiger (Brian Krause), have recently purchased new property. In order to get extra spending money, they lease out the guest house, which includes sharing of the swimming pool and hot tub. They get an applicant, whose name is Courtney Allison (Sonya Salomaa). However, Dave is suspicious, because he's a surgeon and Courtney is an Emergency Room nurse working in the same hospital. Not only that, but Courtney also proves to be beautiful, seductive...and dangerous.

This film provides examples of:

  • The Vamp: Courtney Allison tries very hard to tempt Dave from his wife Megan.
  • Yandere: Courtney Allison applied to live in the guest house to get closer to Dave. This gets creepier when you factor in that she works in the same hospital as Dave, that she is trying to seduce Dave away from his wife Megan, and that she is willing to resort to violence when they try to get her to leave.