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Fanfic / The Redemption of Tempest Shadow

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The Redemption of Tempest Shadow is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fan Fic written by twilightsparkle3562, which takes place after the movie.

Following the events of the movie, Tempest Shadow accepts responsibility for her actions and attempts to atone for her actions while serving under the Storm King.

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • And This Is for...: Tempest is greeted at the Crystal Empire by Shining Armor with a swat at her face, which he responds with "That was for turning my wife to stone!"
  • The Atoner: Tempest, of course.
    • Grubber as well, especially when he found out ponies have had their homes destroyed and became fatally ill as a result of the Storm King's invasion.
  • Broken Bird: Razzle Fizzle. Moon Dancer recalled that, ever since her parents died, Razzle would not stop screaming and begging for Fizzlepop to come home. And then she found out about Tempest's involvement with the Storm King.
  • But Now I Must Go: Tempest decides to leave Equestria to spread word of the Storm King's defeat and to fully atone for her actions. Before that, she promises Twilight that she will return and become her Captain of the Royal Guard.
  • Deconstruction Fic:
    • Despite her Heel–Face Turn, Tempest is reviled by the ponies of Equestria for her involvement in the Storm King's plot, especially since some of them lost family members in the attack. Even her sister, Razzle Fizzle, is furious with her actions. This proves that just because Twilight is willing to forgive Tempest, it doesn't mean anybody else is going to automatically follow suit.
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    • Applejack and Rainbow Dash point out during Chapter 8 that even if Tempest did do a genuine Heel–Face Turn, she cannot go unpunished for her crimes (which include conquering Equestria and other countries, enslaving those populations, and joining forces with a maniac emperor, all because she broke her horn) because that would not be fair to the thousands, maybe even millions, of victims who suffered because of her. Also, because Tempest's misdeeds were war crimes, that means that it's impossible for her not to be punished for them.
    • Later on, it is revealed that the Cutie Mark Crusaders are suffering from PTSD from being locked up in cages when they were prisoners.
    • Futhermore, there were lots of casualties in Canterlot from Tempest's attack on the city.
  • It's Personal: Shining Armor was not happy with Tempest turning Cadence into stone, as some of the other tropes can tell you.
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  • Just Following Orders: The reason why Celestia allowed Grubber and Tempest to have a second chance. They were just following the Storm King's orders.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Grubber, a rather humorous character, is left shaken after seeing somepony die right in front of him. Even more so knowing that there were two other ponies that had died within two days from illness thanks to the Storm King destroying their homes.
  • Please Wake Up: Grubber tried waking a pony up after the pony dropped dead from an illness he had.
  • Reality Ensues: The Storm King's invasion was not an easy thing to get over, as many of the characters couldn't sleep and even had nightmares about it.
  • Reformed, but Rejected: The whole point of the story is about Tempest being rejected by everypony despite her redemption.
  • Would Hit a Girl: At the Crystal Empire, once Tempest announces that she has come to atone for her actions, Shining Armor answers by slapping her face. Justified since she did turn Cadance to stone.

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