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Fanfic / PAW Patrol: Outside the Missions

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PAW Patrol: Outside the Missions is an extended PAW Patrol fanfic exploring lives of the pups outside of rescues, and the difficult, sometimes uncomfortable issues they end up dealing with. The Series consists of multiple interlinked Stories

All Stories can be found on, created by ZootopiaFan

Stories in Chronological Order

  • Hiccups in Teamwork
  • Doing the uncomfortable
  • Confession
  • When you play With Fire
  • I Will Forgive You If...
  • Vulnerable
  • The Interview
  • I Just Don't Want to See You Get Hurt
  • Medication
  • Campout
  • Trust Issues
  • New Leaf
  • Darkness
  • After Emerging From the Vally of Death
  • Ryder's Fear
  • The Flower Shop
  • Christmas Tails
  • Another Interview
  • A Bitter Pill
  • I don't Understand
  • Discoveries
  • If you could would you
  • Personal History
  • Rough Patch

This PAW Patrol Fan Fic provides examples of:

  • Breaking the Cycle of Bad Parenting: Ryder is a better parent to Skye then her actual parents were.
  • Darker and Edgier: This series deals with topics that the show wouldn't touch or openly discuss such as conflict between friends, slurs, bullying, young love, disability, dysfunctional families, childhood trauma, sexuality, and homophobia.
  • Dirty Girl: While Skye is precocious in this regard, her behavior does not always suggest this. She is suggested to feel self-conscious about it, and she isn't willing to hurt anyone to satisfy herself.
    She breaks down in tears when she realizes she could have hurt Chase in Rough Patch.
    Rex: "If you put your mind to it, you can do anything, regardless of your disability."
  • Does Not Like Spam: Zuma Can't Stand peanut butter.
  • Don't Tell Dad: Why Chase helped Skye hide what she was doing with the Library Books: she caught him filching a treat.
  • Good Dad: Ryder in general.
    • Ryder's plan for handling Skye's Issue is very liberal, and encourages independence and self control. He also puts the pups' needs before his own.
    Ryder: "Her safety is more important than my personal discomfort."
    • Understands that Rocky might not have been aware he was being selfish when he complained About Jura getting more peanut butter with his meds.
  • Ignore the Disability: Interesting Example-While on the phone with Lady, Ryder tries to avoid mentioning that Rex is Paralyzed but then she says "You mean the paraplegic?".
  • Innocent Swearing: While trying to remember the name of a medicine he was once on, Rex mispronounces part of the name and accidentally says a really bad word.
  • "Not So Different" Remark:
    • Skye directly says this to Jura when he suggests that their different orientations might make it harder for them to relate.
    • Rocky says this to Rex when he posits that none of the other dogs understand what it's like to feel different from everyone else.
  • The Talk: Ryder reminds Skye that she and Chase were given it by Katie a year prior.
  • Katie probably reviewed this during the overly detailed health class lesson Skye got as a punishment for the library book affair.
  • Time Out: Ryder makes Rocky wait till last to get his meds for complaining about Jura getting more peanut butter with his pills. Ironically, there's only one other dog in that line.
    • Rocky might not have been aware of how insensitive he was being, so Ryder needed to make sure he understood that, and he did clarify this afterward.
  • Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises: Ryder's reaction when Skye confessed her issue to him.
    • Rex reacted this way when he was spilled out onto the floor of the pet parlor.
    • Marshall when he discovered Jura's back was broken.
    • Skye When she figures out what her mother was hinting about her past.