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Arifureta: Similar Story, Different World is a story that starts off similar to the plot of Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest, but focuses on a different character. Yamamoto Eichirou is a student who recently transferred to the same class with Nagumo Hajime after spending nearly his whole life abroad from Japan. When he gets transported to the World of Tortus along with his classmates, Yamamoto refuses to participate in the war against the demons and resolves to find a way for all of them to return home, but there're many bumps on the road ahead in his adventure, and it only gets worse from there.


The story can be found on Fan Fiction Dot Net here.

Warning: Certain spoilers will be hidden.

Arifureta: Similar Story, Different World provides examples of

  • Adaptational Badass: Thanks to Yamamoto's collaborative research on magic and being a sparring partner, Pre-Orcus Nagumo is much more capable than he was in canon.
    • When the guests become poisoned from drinking the poorly-prepared pleap juice, Nagumo's job class is the only one out of his classmates to be precise enough in the process of healing the victims.
    • In Chapter 8, he fought against Haiyama and his posse on his own and won.
    • In Chapter 9, he further uses his "Transmute" skill to create a makeshift printing press to lessen the time it usually takes for handwritten copies of rune magic.
  • Apologizes a Lot: Whenever Amanogawa or Shirasaki tries and fail to make a situation better, Yaegashi ends up having to apologize for either of their misguided actions. Yamamoto deconstructs this by sternly pointing out that all of Yaegashi's apologizing would do is allowing the situation to get out of hand, and that her inaction to speak out against her friend's actions makes her an Accomplice by Inaction.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis:
    • This is Yamamoto's main schtick. Just in the first chapter alone shows that he already figure out Nagumo's predicament in their homeroom class. Granted, it was less than a month, but still impressive of Yamamoto himself. Just after Ishtar explains why the entire class was transported to Tortus and Amanogawa rallied the class to fight in the war against the demons, Yamamoto can already tell from the beginning that the pope was leaving a few details out in his explanation, and was able to make him admit that it's not guaranteed if they're able to return to Japan.
    • Nagumo also engages in this manner as well. Besides Yamamoto, he also figures out Ishtar's speech being a bit off due to the pope's wording. After collaborating with Yamamoto in extensive magic research and engaging in combat training with him and a few other of their newly made friends, the former is capable of analyzing his fight against Haiyama and his posse to turn his unfavorable position against them.
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  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Aside from Shirasaki's constant attempts to make sure that Nagumo is alright (which only makes his predicament worse in regards to his social stigma as an Otaku and her being the popular school idol), Yamamoto is the only one who really interacts with him enough to know he's a good guy despite rumors circulating around the average boy and doesn't belittle or look-down at his hobbies. After being transported to Tortus, Yamamoto also didn't see Nagumo's "Synergist" job class as "useless" like nearly everyone else and offered to help him developed his skills and magic further by having him as a partner in researching magic. In Nagumo's monologue, Yamamoto is the first person to truly acknowledge who he was beside his parents and would repay the debt tenfold.
  • Combat Pragmatism:
    • Having the "Assassin" job class, Endou's entire fighting style is this.
    • Due to his weaker stats, Yamamoto tutors Nagumo to fight like this in order to play up his strengths against others. In his 1-to-4 fight against Haiyama and his posse, Nagumo knows he wouldn't be able to take them on directly, and resorts to creating traps, a smokescreen for stealth, and using his "Transmute" skill for a One-Hit KO.
  • Comes Great Responsibility: Deconstructed. When Amanogawa tries to get Yamamoto to reconsider joining in the war by citing the responsibility to help others for possessing great abilities, Yamamoto also points out that just because he has the power to save others doesn't mean that there aren't consequences that'll come with the choice. It also doesn't help that Amanogawa is basically forcing his own naive idea of responsibility onto the bespectacled teen despite possessing the "Hero" job class himself, and Yamamoto stated to Mia that he'll also be held accountable for the actions of reckless fools (i.e. his classmates) who are already dancing to Ishtar's tune.
  • Cool Big Bro: If anything, Yamamoto loves his younger brother and sister dearly, and sometimes worried about their image of him being viewed in a negative light or being influenced in unsavory environments. The same can also be said with Princess Liliana, as he sees their relationship as Like Brother and Sister and is repulsed by the idea of it becoming anything more than that regardless of the Tortus age of consent.
  • Dumb Muscle:
    • As Yamamoto puts it, Sakagami Ryutarou is basically "A bear given human form" along with having "brawns for brains". Even Yaegashi thinks of him as an idiot despite his hardworking personality.
    • Nagumo describes Haiyama and his posse as this in their 4-to-1 fight. Despite receiving training from the knights and the court mages in combat and magic, they initially attack with more "raw strength" than techniques at first under the belief that Nagumo is still weak due to his low stats. Once Nagumo creates an area-wide smokescreen and knocks out Saitou, it didn't take long for the average boy to defeat Hiyama and his remaining two friends as they couldn't think outside the box.
  • Encyclopaedic Knowledge: Expect Yamamoto to demonstrate a large understanding of other countries thanks to his time abroad, along with references to other academic subjects. Princess Liliana describes him as a gold mine of Earth's knowledge, along with others making note of this. Another skill he possesses besides "Appraisal", is being a "Living Encyclopedia of Another World".
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Downplayed for Nagumo. Aside from Shirasaki, Yaegashi, Hatayama, Endou, and Yamamoto, nobody else in the class particularly likes him for his "disgusting" Otaku hobbies and being constantly the center of attention of one of the school's idols. After being transferred to Tortus, he became more unliked for his seemingly "useless" job class, save for Meld and a few others. It starts to become subverted after Nagumo proved importan in the healing of the poisoned guests, along with showing the more innovated ways as a "Synergist" in magic casting and technological advancements. It becomes more subverted once Yamamoto helps clear up the misunderstanding of Nagumo's predicament to some of their classmates, allowing him to form a circle of friends (i.e. Nomura, Nagayama, Tsuji, and Yoshino) other than the bespectacled teen, and after a much-needed offscreen conversation with Shirasaki and Yaegashi (which Shirasaki's compliments are no longer interpreted as "charity" and Yaegashi no longer apologizing for her friend(s) actions and actively socializing) it's safe to say that the trope is almost averted for the average boy.
  • Geek: Yamamoto is a Wicked Cultured Bookworm with vast knowledge in many academic subjects (i.e. History, Culture, Geography, Political Science, Religion, etc.). He's also interested in cartoons, anime, manga, and videogames, but not to the extent of Nagumo and spends time with his siblings watching it. Chapter 8 reveals that Yamamoto has a talent for reenacting the personalities of various anime characters (females as well) and is a fan of the shoujo series that Nagumo Sumire creates, which further bridges their friendship in Tortus.
  • Giving Radio to the Romans:
    • Once Yamamoto applies the concepts of modern science and physics to the casting of Tortus magic, he was able to cast five different elemental spells simultaneously (which is thought to be impossible due to the amount of mana it would take to perform) to heal the poisoned guests (by using his knowledge of biology). Obviously, this left the Court Mages stunned and eager to learn from the bespectacled teen of this discovery. Chapter 9 shows him coming up with the theory of "semantic shift and information entropy" in magic casting, and lecturing it to others.
    • After a month of Took a Level in Badass, Nagumo is able to utilize more of his abilities by showing an intuitive casting of spells that could rival an Apprentice-level Tortus Mage, and using his "Transmute" skill to create the process of "printing" that would eliminate the long hours of writing books and scrolls by hand.
  • Glass Cannon:
    • While Yamamoto surpasses his classmates in having high stats in Resistance/Magic Resistance/Magic, his Strength/Vitality/Agility stats are on Nagumo's level, making it possible for him to be taken down or killed in one hit if another's Strength trumps his Resistance.
    • When it comes down to Nagumo's fight against Haiyama and his posse. Having weaker stats than his classmates, Nagumo can't endure against their physical or magic attacks, but with the clever use of his "Transmute" skill, he can create stone pillars to knock them out in one hit.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Nagumo's "Synergist" job class and "Transmute" skill is seen as merely manipulating ore/minerals/materials of the earth. Think it's lame and useless just because it's stated to be non-combatant oriented through metalworking and architecture only?
    • How about it as the only skill to be able to assist in healing others in a critical state without harming them further due to its greater inherent precision? Or manipulating ore material itself through only picturing an image in your mind and calling out the skill activation compare to the speed of casting an earth spell? Or even jumpstart a potential industrial age of innovation?
  • Lethal Harmless Powers:
    • Yamamoto sees his "Appraisal" skill like this. Unlike with "Ore Appraisal" or "Plant Appraisal", the skill that Yamamoto possesses doesn't specify an exclusive type of material to determine its "value" (e.g. monetary, quality, hardness, magical affinity, etc.), meaning it can analyze anything. A gradual example would be (1) serving soup from a secret recipe to someone with the "Appraisal" skill and having a better version of it to be served later on; (2) scamming people out of their hard work by lying about the quality of their items when hired to check it, buy the items off for a cheap price, and reselling it at a higher price by the mere mention of the skill; and finally, (3) destroying an entire economy just by abusing it.
    • Casting an otherwise harmless water spell going at the default speed of 110 kilometers per hour. When Yamamoto uses the ball version, it explodes like a grenade upon impact. Through a highly pressurized, thinner stream, it basically skewers the intended target into mincemeat.
  • Meaningful Name: Yamamoto (山本) means "base of the mountain" while Eichirou (英一郎) is "heroic/outstanding #1 son". As one reviewer points out, his full name is "heroic base of the mountain", which shows in Yamamoto's support to Nagumo's predicament and saving the poisoned guests from death, along with being more heroic than Amanogawa. Eichirou could also be spelled with (叡一郎) which means "wise first-born son" alluding to his intelligence and analytical outlook.
  • Older Than He Looks: Downplayed as Yamamoto is only a year older than his classmates, and his appearance isn't that different from most of the male students in the class.
  • Sinister Minister: Ishtar Langbard fits this in a nutshell.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man:
    • Shirasaki (one of the school idols) has a crush on the well-meaning Nagumo (an unpopular Otaku) for his inner strength to stand up to an adversary despite his weakness.
    • Princess Liliana develops this for Yamamoto, seeing him as a kind and humble apostle with a noble goal and a loving older brother to his siblings.
    • Like Liliana, Iselda has this for Yamamoto as well.
  • The Six Stats:
    • Strength
    • Vitality
    • Resistance
    • Agility
    • Magic
    • Magic Resistance
  • The Social Expert: Yamamoto excels as this, and it becomes more prominent after being transported to Tortus.
  • Renaissance Man: From being well-versed in academic and cultural subjects to etiquette mannerisms, first aid, and music, it's not a manner of what Yamamoto can do, but what he can't do.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Nagumo's starting base stats gives him a meager 10 in all categories, making him "weak" in comparison to his classmates. After getting much-needed tutelage from Yamamoto however, Nagumo is able to hold his own in battle through the precise use of his "Transmute" skill, Geometric Magic, magic potions to refuel his mana supply and engaging in full-on strategic pragmatism.

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