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Characters / Arifureta Similar Story Different World

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The names will be presented in the eastern order (i.e. Last name, then first name).

Certain spoilers of the characters will be hidden, keep in mind when reading.

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Echirou's Party

  • Adaptational Badass: Thanks to Echirou's natural aptitude for magic, along with inventing new methods of casting it thanks to his deep knowledge of academic subjects, everyone in the group is much more capable than they were in the canon web novel.
  • Anti-Hero Team: Of the pragmatic variety. In a sense, they may be on the side of good but don't fit in the conventional heroism. Yamamoto's main motivation is to find the magic to send himself, his classmates, and their teacher back to Japan, and the rest follow him out of a combination of gratitude for his teachings of improvement, being good friends, and for his apparent leadership skills.
  • Ascended Extra: Some of the members, such as Nagayama Jugo, Nomura Kentarou, Tsuji Ayako, and Yoshino Mao get more characterization than in the canon web novel.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Fittingly, while at least three members of the party fight in this sense (e.g. Echirou, Hajime, and Kousuke); all of them will resort to this throughout the journey to explore the Great Orcus Labyrinth.
    • A prominent example is during the battle against the Dire Wolves, they weakened the horde first by using make-shift mortars, a large mud field trap, a stone wall of spikes, disintegrate by freezing, and a large barrier to incapacitate them all in place of the previous traps before having everyone charge in to kill them.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: When you have a group comprised of a jobless Wicked Cultured Badass Bookworm, a Otaku synergist, a nondescript assassin, and a few other classmates, then they fit this like a glove.
  • The Power of Friendship: Downplayed. While each member is capable of handling themselves individually, they can still be a force to be reckoned with when working together in Chapter 10.
  • True Companions: Becomes this by the time of Chapter 10.

     Yamamoto Echirou 

     Nagumo Hajime 
Job: Synergist

A stereotypical nice guy, who's an otaku and bully-victim, his story begins with a slew of bad luck: taken along with his class to a different world by some gods, given a crappy job and crappy stats.

     Endou Kousuke 
Job: Assassin
A nondescript boy who you wouldn't be able to notice his presence at all.

     Nomura Kentarou 
Job: Geomancer
An old friend and classmate of Endou Kousuke and Nagayama Jugo. He secretly holds feelings for Tsuji Ayako.

     Nagayama Jugo 
Job: Heavy Knight
An old friend and classmate of Endou Kousuke and Nomura Kentarou.

     Tsuji Ayako 
Job: Priest
One of the two girls in the group, and secretly hold feelings for Nomura Kentarou.

     Yoshino Mao 
Job: Invoker
The other girl in the group.

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