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Danganronpa: Grand Des-Paradise is a fanfiction set in the Danganronpa universe written by blazingEmblem.

Clair Voyant and fourteen other students of Fortune's Light Academy - a U.S equivalent of Hope's Peak Academy. However their excitement is short-lived as they soon find themselves kidnapped and forced by Monokuma to partake in a twisted game of Mutual Killing.

The fic is written in script-style format, and integrates the series' mechanics akin to the canon Danganronpa games from Free-Time events, Investigation and Trial phases, as well as the various mini-games presented. The main story has been finished at 52 chapters, plus five bonus chapters covering all the Free Time events with the students.


This Danganronpa fic contains examples of:

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different/A Day in the Limelight: While Clair is the prominent POV character, the story changes perspective from time to time depending on the story's progression as a way to garner further insight.
    • In addition; the Investigations and Trials are conducted/headed by various characters up until Clair fully takes over in Chapter 4:
      • Chapter 1 has Flint.
      • Chapter 2 has Sue.
      • Chapter 3 has Chance. Chance also briefly takes over during a short segment in Chapter 4's trial when Clair expresses reluctance in exposing him as the culprit in order to convince her to do so.
      • Chapter 6 has Keaton, Eva, Joe and Leo briefly "playable" in their respective segments just before all of them and Clair regroup to investigate for the final trial.
  • Anyone Can Die: As expected in Danganronpa.
  • Back for the Finale: All of the deceased students come back in spirit form courtesy of Clair's channeling to help take down Dilan during the final trial.
  • Big Bad: Dilan Damian
  • Big Guy Fatality Syndrome: According to the killing game timeline that Chance created of the previous killing games: Keaton not only never makes it to the final trial, but he always died around the fourth trial as a meta joke to ho the big, muscled characters always die around the fourth chapter. Averted in the killing game's final cycle itself where not only does Keaton make it to the final trial, but he also goes on to survive the killing game.
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  • Bittersweet Ending: Dilan has realized the error of his ways and relents his plans of revenge, Clair and the rest of the survivors finally make it back to the real world where they can now contribute to helping the world heal. However their friends who died in the final killing game are permanently dead, and all their other friends and families are dead too (by their hands nonetheless). On top of that; there's no telling whether or not they will be accepted back into society due to their roles in the Fortune's Light massacre.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: It is later revealed at the end of the story that Clair and the rest of her classmates were the culprits behind the Fortune's Light massacre as a result of them being controlled by Monokuma helmets.
  • Characters Dropping Like Flies/Dwindling Party: As the story goes on, the number of surviving students slowly decreases.
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  • Cruel and Unusual Death: The executions, just like in canon.
  • Death Is Cheap: Due to the adjustments made to the Neo World Program; dying in the simulation does not kill you in real life nor reduce you to a comatose state in the real world, as resetting the simulation simply undoes everything that happens. Subverted in the killing game's final cycle where the deceased students stay dead due to Dilan disintegrating them within the simulation,
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: It is revealed towards the end that the cast are actually inside an adjusted version of the Neo World Program as part of the Despair Rehabilitation project. According to Chance, the whole class have undergone the killing games have gone on for a whopping one-hundred times and would always reset due to them failing the class trials or because someone would vote to stay during the final trial (as the requirement for the students to graduate would be an unanimous result).
  • Meaningful Name/Punny Name: All over the place, it's definitely easier to count in one hand the names that aren't this.
  • Robot Girl: The Terra Pist whose been helping the students all this time is revealed to be this, the real one having died back during the Fortune's Light massacre.
  • Ship Tease: Plenty of ships between characters get teased throughout the story.
  • Switching P.O.V.: Happens frequently in the story: Whether it's in-between scenes, or even in investigations and trials.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Clair keeps mementos of her deceased classmates, that sadly increases as the story progresses.
  • Wham Line:
    • Chapter 3: Just when it seems like there would be no execution due to the blackened already being dead, Monokuma drops this: "I’ve prepared a very special punishment for Mary Hart, the Ultimate Nun!"
    • Chapter 4: Six words: "My real name…is Ian Cognito."
    • Chapter 5: During the execution scene: "Time seemed to slow down after they both fired, and after an agonizing few seconds, Monokuma started short circuiting, exploding after he fell to the ground. Not even a second later, Flint fell to the ground, a pool of blood starting to form beneath him. With the last of his strength, he pulled off his mask, and closed his eyes for the last time. And underneath that mask...was something that no one was prepared for… The dead body of Sue Yu."
    • Chapter 6: Clair confirming the harsh truth about herself and her classmates all this time: The culprits of the Fortune’s Light Massacre...that was us.

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