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"What's so special about me?"

Centre Of Attention by Sideshow Jazz 1 is an AU Total Drama fanfic where several of the Total Drama characters are in a teenage gang living in an abandoned factory. When they desperately need money to keep it from being demolished, they choose to hold a wealthy girl from boarding school for ransom, fifteen-year-old Brooklyn Durfree. However, while she's there, Scott, the informant of the group, appears to develop an interest in her...


Centre Of Attention contains examples of:

  • Affably Evil: For all their virtues, the protagonists are a criminal gang. Played straightest with Gwen, who quits committing crimes once she has the money to attend art college.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Brooklyn, Sammy, Courtney and Heather, to varying degrees. Subverted with Brooklyn, since she only starts to like Scott after he shows his nicer side.
  • Alpha Bitch:
    • Amy. She spends every moment she has treating her twin and her friends like the lowest of the low, but somehow she's still popular and well-liked.
    • Heather and Courtney to a lesser extent. Courtney mostly acts this way out of jealousy but Heather explicitly states that she isn't nice and doesn't like anyone.
  • Bastard Girlfriend: Courtney is implied to treat her boyfriend badly, which eventually causes Duncan to break up with her and ask Sammy out instead.
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  • Beauty Is Bad: Most of the gang. Brooklyn states outright that Courtney and Heather are "extremely pretty" and also calls notice to Duncan having nice eyes and Alejandro being "conventionally gorgeous".
  • The Casanova: Alejandro goes through several girls, even though he's dating Heather.
  • The Cheerleader: Unclear, but Brooklyn first notices that Sammy wears a cheerleading outfit, as does Amy. Sammy changes her style to distance herself from her twin, reflecting her more pleasant personality.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl:
    • Courtney accuses Gwen of being interested in Duncan and refusing to like Sammy after she gets with Duncan, although she claims she doesn't blame her for their own breakup.
    • Downplayed with Brooklyn, when Scott's former crush appears as part of a seniors' exchange trip. Brooklyn becomes worried about what could happen.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold:
    • Sammy. Although she shows a rebellious streak, she never stops being kind and gentle.
    • Dawn. She's extremely gentle, wise and forgiving, with pale blonde hair.
    • Bridgette. She's blonde, and very friendly and good-natured, although she has her limits.
  • Nice Girl: Brooklyn, Sammy and Dawn. Scott even points out some similarities between Brooklyn and Dawn early on.
  • Shrinking Violet: Brooklyn, although she becomes more assertive later on.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl:
    • Jasmine and Sammy.
    • More subtle with Gwen (who won't even dress up for New Year's Eve) and Courtney (who thinks a spa day is the best way to cure a lack of self-esteem).
  • Town Girls: Sammy as Femme, Jasmine as Butch, and Brooklyn as Neither.
  • Transplanted Character Fic: The story takes some characters from the parent work and puts them in an unrelated setting, and does not acknowledge canon events.


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