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Drinking Game / Ouran High School Host Club

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Don't Try This at've been warned.

Take a shot when...

  • Someone slips on a Banana Peel discarded by Hikaru and Kaoru.
  • A joke is made based on Japanese wordplay.
  • Tamaki refers to himself as "Dad" and/or Kyouya as "Mom"
  • Someone mistakes Honey-senpai for a little kid.
  • The twins play up their Twincest schtick.
    • Take two for those situations where you're not sure whether they're just acting or not.
  • Tamaki goes into a Corner of Woe and/or experiences Color Failure.
  • Renge appears on her "high-powered motor".
  • Someone mistakes Haruhi for a boy.
  • Kyouya fiddles with his glasses.
  • Kyouya has his laptop and/or calculator.
  • Tamaki hits on a girl.
    • Two if it's Haruhi.
  • The pink clock is seen.
  • The Host Club throws a theme party.
  • Take a drink if someone drinks "Commoner's Coffee"
  • Someone mixes up Hikaru and Kaoru.
  • Honey-senpai's badass side comes out.
  • Haruhi's dad makes an appearance.
  • Bishie Sparkle.
    • For added drunkenness, two if it's Tamaki.
  • The Host Club wears costumes but it's not a theme party
  • Honey-senpai isn't holding Usa-chan.
  • Tamaki does a Face Fault.
  • When the rose backgrounds or any variation thereof appear
  • Haruhi dresses like a girl.
  • Honey eats sweets.