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Ho Yay / Ouran High School Host Club

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Note that since this trope doesn't include intentional homoerotic subtext, examples of that (such as Hikaru and Kaoru's Twincest interactions) have been removed.

  • While Kasanoda's feelings towards Haruhi don't count, there's definitely something between him and his servant Tetsuya, at least on Tetsuya's side.
  • There is also this scene between Kaoru and Kyoya, in Chapter 47 of the manga.
    Kyoya: As long the people we care about understand us, the other stuff doesn't matter. Don't you agree?
    Kaoru: ...
    Kyoya:Why are you making that face?
    Kaoru: Um, yeah...I agree...I just realised for the first time that you are really cute.
    • And then in Chapter 73 there's a whole slew of it, including Kyoya waking up to find Kaoru in his bed (fully dressed, on top of the covers, reading a book), Kaoru blushing as Kyoya changes clothes and Hunny asking if Hikaru is mad because "Kyo-chan stole your Kao-chan."
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    • In Operation: Hikaru and Haruhi's First Date the two share a scene apart from the group that almost seems as though they're parents watching their children. Does the Host Club have a new mommy?
  • While the vast majority of Homoerotic Subtext between Kyoya and Tamaki is very intentional, there seems to be at least a few accidental examples:
    • The end of "And So Kyoya Met Him" when he starts acting normal after realizing how he feels about Tamaki reads like a coming out story. Additionally, in between flashbacks of his relationship with Tamaki, Kyouya is shown painting a flower. The flower becomes a rainbow as he comes to care for Tamaki.Throughout the episode Kyoya is going crazy over dealing with Tamaki while trying to act normal. His sister notes that she has never seen Kyoya getting so worked up over someone before. Then at the end when he starts acting normal, it reads like a coming out story.
    • Tamaki's big decision in the finale of the anime was due to Kyouya's reprimanding him for his frivolty.
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  • Mori and Honey's subtext tends to be intentional as well, but there are exceptions. Such as the conclusion of "Honey's Three Bitter Days!", explaining Mori's actions in the episode as being upset about letting Honey get a toothache, he had to punish himself. This is played completely seriously, unlike the more obvious moments between them earlier.
  • Renge and Haruhi on occasion. "Let's go play together!"
  • While a majority of Hikaru and Kaoru's Ho Yay is intentional, as mentioned above, they have a few moments of being intimate even with no audience around. For one, they're established to still share a bed. In episode 15, Hikaru clutches Kaoru's hand in one scene when they're alone due to worrying over him. At one point in the manga, after Kaoru goes on a date with Haruhi, he kisses her on the cheek and later kisses Hikaru on the cheek to "share" the Haruhi kiss.


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