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Drinking game for NCIS:

  • You could get quite drunk if you took a drink for every Gibbs Slap, McGee gets a new name from DiNozzo, a main character is in immediate danger, or if you see a gun (which is not always the same as the immediate danger). You could also take a drink for every casual use of the word "Probie".
    • Concerning guns: Drain your glass whenever someone is shown cleaning a gun.
    • Concerning the Gibbs Slap: drink twice for every one that's not borne of annoyance, or that's actually plot-relevant.note  Drink a whole bottle when Gibbs either has someone do it to him, or he does it to himself.
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    • Drain your glass whenever someone other than Gibbs slaps Tony.
  • Take a shot whenever Abby gets given a Caf-Pow, she talks about a piece of lab equipment as if it was a person, and two when you see her back tattoos.
    • Or when Gibbs thanks her for her good work by kissing her cheek/forehead, and two if he also gives her a Caf-Pow.
    • Take two whenever she runs up to Gibbs while shouting "Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs!" Genki Girl-style.
      • Take three if someone other than Abby does this.
  • Take a shot or two if the show opens with somebody stumbling on a dead body (in a humorous sort of way), followed by random chatter in the squadroom that sets up that episode's comedic subplot(s).
  • Take a shot every time a guest star is attractive, and/or has UST with a main character, and/or the main characters Love Interest is jealous.
  • Take a shot every time Ziva teases DiNozzo in a highly suggestive manner, McGee's technical explanation is interrupted by someone, and when Ducky's mother appears or is mentioned. Drink when someone asks how he gets the boat out of the basement. (For those not using alcohol, drink when Ducky says "This reminds me of...", don't do this if you use proper drinks.)
    • During one of the marathons that they tend to run on USA Network, take one every time Ziva messes up a piece of American slang.
    • Better yet: take one every time Ziva doesn't understand some form of Western culture. Or when Gibbs is tech-illiterate.
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  • On the DVD commentary for "Twilight," Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, and John C. Kelley direct the audience to "take a drink of your favorite beverage every time someone dies or almost dies."
  • Take a shot every time Gibbs gets impatient with any long-winded chatter from Ducky or Abby, or any of McGee's Techno Babble.
  • Take a shot every time a movie reference is made. Take two if the character making the reference is not Tony. Drain your glass if the reference turns out to be genuinely helpful in solving the case.
  • Take a shot every time Gibbs is shown interacting with children. Take another shot if someone comments on it.
  • Take a sip any time Gibbs refers to DiNozzo or McGee by their first names.
  • Take a mouthful every time Jimmy Palmer makes a joke at the exact wrong time. Or, really, any time he puts his foot in his mouth in general.
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  • Drink half a glass any time Tony is shown actually being Gibbs-level serious.
  • Take a sip whenever Ducky holds conversations with a corpse. Any more than that will give you liver damage. If your drink is non-alcoholic, take a mouthful for this one.
  • Take a mouthful any time Gibbs enters a scene (most usually the agents' main office) with a witty comment in response to something his agents have said.
  • Take a shot any time a character has a flashback. Take a second shot if the flashback is relevant to the episode's case.
  • Drink a mouthful whenever Gibbs goes silent and gives a hard stare to make someone comply with his orders (spoken or unspoken).
    • Take two drinks and duck for cover when someone responds to the Gibbs Glare with an equally potent Death Glare.
  • Take a shot every time someone calls Director Vance by his first name, Leon. Take another shot if the character doing so is not Gibbs, Abby, or Sloane.
  • Whenever the team tries to guess how Gibbs will break a suspect, pick the method you like best; if it's not used, drain your glass.
  • Take a drink whenever the first sound after a commercial break/opening credits is the ding of the elevator. (Seriously, they do this all the time.)
  • Take a drink when our heroes announce themselves as federal agents and someone either runs away or attacks them. Take a second drink if it gets Lampshaded. (This one applies across the franchise.)
  • Take a drink whenever Torres and Reeves try to out-macho each other.
  • Take a drink whenever someone goes to tell Gibbs something that he already knows.
  • Take a drink every time Sloane tries to get one of the team to actually talk about their feelings. If they actually take her up on it, drink again.
  • Drink whenever Gibbs hallucinates a dead character. Drain your glass if someone else does the hallucinating.
  • Take a drink whenever someone doesn't know what NCIS is, plus a second if they confuse it with CSI.
  • Drink whenever anyone calls McGee "Elf Lord".
  • Take a drink whenever one of Gibbs' rules is mentioned. Take two if it's because someone broke said rule. Finish your drink if it's Gibbs who breaks his own rule.
  • Drink whenever Gibbs is building a boat in his basement. Take another drink whenever someone wonders how he gets the boats out of his basement.
  • Drink whenever Gibbs walks into a room without knocking. Two drinks if it's sarcastically Lampshaded. Finish your drink if he actually knocks.


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