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Drinking Game / MythBusters

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The myth? That your liver can handle this drinking game!

Drink every time:

  • The myth is introduced somewhere other than the back room at M5.
  • You see Buster.
    • Solemnly finish your drink in memory of him if it's the finale.
  • Something blows up.
  • Somebody hurts themselves.
    • Drink twice if it's somebody other than Adam or Tory.
  • Adam does an impression of Jamie.
  • Adam does a Wildlife Commentary Spoof about "the wild Hyneman".
  • Somebody says "there's your problem!"
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  • Grant builds a robot.
  • Somebody throws up.
    • Two if it's Grant. Again.
  • Anyone is seen drinking.
  • Adam is seen in a costume.
    • Two if someone from the Build Team is wearing one.
    • Finish your drink if Jamie is wearing one. Shotgun another if Jamie doesn't complain about having to wear it.
    • If the costume is a necessary component for the test in question, no drink is required.note 
  • There's a building montage.
  • The Narrator goes into Pungeon Master mode.
    • Two drinks if it goes on for over two minutes.
  • Somebody makes a reference to Jamie's Multiple-Choice Past.
    • Take a second drink if it's someone other than Adam or The Narrator.
      • Finish the drink if the reference is Jamie making a joke.
  • You see the Busted/Plausible/Confirmed sign.
  • The "Mythbusters" sign is on fire.
  • Something built for a previous myth is recycled/repurposed for the current myth.
    • But only take a sip if it's a revisit episode.
  • A myth is taken Up to Eleven.
    • Take two when they say the myth is busted, but still try to improve it.
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  • They remove, bypass or otherwise disable a safety device or system in order to get the results they want.
  • They build a test rig that is inherently dangerous. (tests involving guns or explosives don't count here)
    • Take a second drink if they comment on the hazards.
    Grant: "Decapitation hazard!"
  • Drink for anytime you see someone fire a gun.
  • Finish your drink when tested object gets utterly destroyed.

Myth BUSTED! *thud*


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