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  • The MythBusters also have a habit of overkill. The example that comes immediately to mind is shooting a fish in a barrel... with a Gatling gun. Because any confirmation involving guns needs More Dakka.
  • Any episode involving uncooperative animals.
    • The entire "Fainting Goats" myth. First a goat accidentally kicked Tory in the nuts. Then Kari brought out "the big guns" and "flashed" the goats with no effect (on the goats; Tory immediately hit the ground, stiff as a board). For their last attempt, they disguised themselves as farm animals... and finally got some goats to fall over. Meanwhile, the camera crew were accidentally causing goats to faint left and right. Kari and Tory were not amused.
    • When testing the solutions for skunk stench, they tried to make one spray them by scare-jumping on it and trying to surprise it... but the skunk didn't pay them attention. They asked for another skunk, and this one ignored them too. So then they resorted to a chemical substitute... which still was problematic, as it wore off more quickly than the genuine skunk spray despite supposedly being chemically identical to the real deal, so they had to get yet another skunk, which finally sprayed them (but only after a great deal more rigmarole).
      • A behind-the-scenes special reveals that one attempt to frighten a skunk was Jamie spinning in circles while holding the cage by the handle. Adam thinks he can maximize the scariness by coming out of left field and hollering in the skunk's face. While Jamie's still spinning the cage! Needless to say, Jamie hits Adam in the face, but, like any self-inflicted injury, Adam just shakes it off.
    • They had similar problems when testing if the quacking of ducks didn't have an echo. Trying everything on them to make them quack had no effect, leading to Jamie's famous "Quack, damn you!" quote. Eventually, the ducks quacked without any provocation when they brought them back together. Apparently, ducks don't quack when there aren't any other ducks to quack to.
      • At the very end of the episode, after all the testing was finished, they brought the ducks to a dock. Upon seeing the water, the two ducks begin quacking with more enthusiasm than they had at any point during testing.
    • In the myth involving caimans, Kari, Tory and Grant tried to provoke them into a quick attack, but again the animals didn't cooperate. It's especially funny when they were using a chicken on one, as the reptile slowly turned its head to look at it, then just as slowly it gave a couple of steps towards it and stopped again like it was thinking "not worth the effort''. It got so bad that Kari, Tory, and Grant threw themselves to them, and, as expected, that didn't work.
    • The animal doesn't even have to be part of the experiment: The "Ping Pong Rescue" experiment was delayed by an otter that stole one of the ping pong balls.
    • Adam and Jamie's complete and utter failure at trying to herd cats. Getting all the cats to react to the same thing at the same time is pretty much impossible, some of them just refused to react or move at all, and even if the boys succeeded in getting them in the pen they kept walking out. They even tried an actual herding dog and failed. By the end of it, the poor dog was cowering behind its handler.
  • The episodes involving alcohol myths.
    • You can tell from the name of the first "Alcohol Myths" episode that it's going to be very funny, but quite how funny, you might not guess. Suffice to say, Adam, Jamie, and Kari are all hilarious drunks, but the highlight has to be Adam's attempt to test claims that exercise sobers you up quickly by running on a treadmill... which he falls off of. Twice. This is then followed by Adam testing the claim that a slap to the face (provided by Jamie) will sober you up. The high-speed footage was hysterical, and made even better by the fact that it actually worked.
      Adam: That's the funniest thing I've ever seen!
    • In a different alcohol myth, Tory and Grant have to get drunk enough to get a hangover the next day. Twice. It's hilarious both times, especially when they try to go couch-surfing and when Tory jumps into bed from on top of a wall. If you listen carefully, you can even hear the crew going "Tory, wait..."
      • In that same myth, we find out that beer + liqueur = Grant-ain't-hungover. (Tory, by comparison, had a splitting headache.)
    • Kari's journey of self-discovery in some of the alcohol myths. When taste-testing low-quality and high-quality vodkas (to test if filtering bad vodka a bunch of times makes it as good as the good stuff) Kari can barely tell the difference, coming to the conclusion "I'm a cheap date!" Later, testing Beer Goggles, tipsy Kari is aware she's judging the male pictures she's being shown more harshly, and wonders if she's a mean drunk.
  • Adam loves doing a fake Nature Documentary voice-over whenever he's near the camera (i.e. the Wild Hyneman) and Jamie is in the distance. These are funny enough, but one time Jamie turns around in the middle of one of these and outright says "Is he doing his David Attenborough thing again?" Adam loses it.
    • Less well-known, but just as funny, is Tory's Don LaFontaine impression that he busts out a few times towards the end of his run with the show - especially the time he punctuates it with the sound of a rubber seagull.
  • Pretty much any time that a myth gets introduced by an animation.
    • The one that really takes the cake is Finger in a Barrel, the myth about disabling a shotgun by plugging the barrel with a finger. The whole thing is presented like a Looney Tunes cartoon, complete with cartoonish caricatures of Jamie and Adam (dubbed "The Mythtoons") as "Hunter Hyneman" and "Savage Squirrel" respectively.
  • Tory's repeated accidents. He recently said he just hopes he can still have children.
  • Any time Tory ends up playing the Straight Man to the other two members of the Build Team, since it generally means the other two are being very over-the-top, on top of it being a prime Out-of-Character Moment. Kari and Scottie's antics partway through the "Talking to Plants" myth is a prime example.
  • "If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing."

    Season 1 (2003) 
  • Testing the myth of a cell phone causing an explosion at a gas station, Adam and Jamie quickly discover their small-scale test isn't quite small enough when it produces a huge fireball. Knowing he probably was, Adam asks:
    Adam: Barely holding his laughter in Am I missing... an eyebrow?
    • And as it turns out, Jamie informed him that he had lost a lot of hair too.
      • Not just that. It's revealed in a later episode (a retrospective) that he had a date the next night, and was going to propose! Fortunately, in spite of the missing eyebrow and shorter hair (some of it was singed off along with the eyebrow), the date went great, and she said "yes"!
  • Jamie in the "Death by a falling penny" Myth. Jamie couldn't get the penny to fit in a staple gun, so he trims off the sides, fits it in and fires... without checking what may be above him. Naturally, the penny strikes a mercury lamp, shattering it. What makes it funnier is his sheepish grin followed by the matter-of-fact "We should get out of here. That's uh, mercury vapor there."
    • Also, Jamie using the modified penny gun to shoot Adam in the ass.
      • Jamie was, at that time, also the Mythbusters' safety officer. Make of it what you will.
      • Adam repeated this experience during a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the buildup to the series finale, with Stephen being the one to pull the trigger this time. It's just as funny 13 years later.
  • During the "Escape From Alcatraz" myth, the team had to make a boat out of raincoats by pounding them together using quick-drying cement.
    Adam [hammering a raincoat with a rubber mallet] Wait! [Jamie stops] Was that a guard? [Jamie chuckles] No! (BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG)
    • Jamie has confirmed that this is his favorite Adam joke from the show.
  • In the same episode, During the "Mind Control Chip" myth, Adam had to learn how to use a stud finder in its various modes. Jamie placed a series of studs, metal tubes, wires, and microchips behind a wall in oddball configurations. Adam was mostly able to find the larger items behind the wall (not the microchips, though), but one area proved a bit of a blind spot. When Adam went around to the other side of the wall, he saw what he'd missed: A series of metal wires twisted into the words "Adam is a spasm". Adam lost it.
  • While testing how to beat the breathalyzer, they had to have a few drinks first to get into the right range. In the extended cut of the episode, Adam's first breath test after proclaiming himself "lit" was... a .03. (.08 is legally drunk in California.)
    Adam: I guess I'm a cheap date!
    • Immediately after:
      Jamie: Adam, the police officer said you need to drink more.
      Adam: You know, my doctor was also telling me that I'm not getting enough I need to start smoking again!
    • Then:
      Adam: So we've had 13 drinks over 3 hours. I know I'm drunk, but I can't even remotely tell that you're drunk. It's kind of annoying. I want to see you put a lampshade on your head or something.
      Jamie: Sorry, bub!
    • And then:
      Police Officer: [to Adam] He's doing fine. You just sit over there and be quiet. It's rough enough to have one of you here. But having two...
      Adam: [laughing] Of course I'm causing trouble.

    Season 2 (2004) 
  • During the “Myths Revisited” first episode of Season 2, which is pretty much entirely hilarious, Adam is covered in gold paint, and has to have someone test his temperature... rectally. Medic Sanjay Singh does the deed. Cue Adam:
    Adam: Oh, Sanjay, Sanjay, will you respect me tomorrow?
  • The Hot-Blooded Stanford rowing coach for the “Rowboat waterskier” myth in “Breakstep Bridge“:
    Bad formations did not get the man on the moon and will not get this MythBuster out of the water! This is Apollo 13, baby, and Houston, we don't have a problem!
    Jiminy Jack Christmas!
    Nice lock-on Big Dog! That was all you, that was all you!
    We're pullin' your ass out! You're gonna be doing this thing without a wetsuit and a beret and glasses on if I have my way.
  • "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"
    • Funny out of context, funnier in context: Prior to the first test of rear axle, Adam gives his estimate percentage chance of what might happen, giving (summarized) "cable breaks but does enough damage to prevent a retest" a 70% chance, "cable breaks but leaves car intact enough for a retest" 20%, and "cable remains intact and rips off the axle as per the myth" 10%. After option B happens, Adam returns and claims he gave the result a 30% chance of happening. He's immediately corrected by a crew member — complete with flashback — but then insists that that was someone else and he gave "50-40-10" as his percentages (even though one will immediately notice that getting 30% out of that is impossible). After another flashback to his actual estimates, Adam delivers the line.

    Season 3 (2005) 
  • During the original Archimedes Death Ray episodenote , Jamie finds a flaw with the design:
    Jamie: Our death ray...doesn't seem to be working. I'm standing right in it, and...I'm not dead yet.
  • During the “Levitation Machine” episode, Adam and Jamie were being shown how a vacuum pump works. Adam, being Adam, puts his lip up to the pump while it's running, and ends up bleeding as a result. Later on, Adam makes this remark:
    Adam: This is the show. It’s, like, 4 minutes of science, and then 10 minutes of me hurting myself.
    • Adam is failing to make his hovercraft, and he's already gone over his budget twice, so he's feeling a little down. So the cameraman tries to comfort him:
    Adam: I'm out, I'm out of ideas, just this second. [laughs when the cameraman pats his shoulder] When a pat comes from the cameraman, you know it's really, really bad.
    • Jamie giggling like a child while being propelled around the workshop on roller skates by his prototype for the hovercraft is gold.
  • On the first test of the Appliances in Bathtub myth from “Quicksand”.
    Adam: [referring to the hair-dryer] What kind of ground-fault interruption is this?! It's pumping water! I would say that's bad!
    • Granted, as Jamie pointed out, the current going to ground wasn't enough to actually trip the GFCI which is backed up by the lack of a lethal current going through their test dummy.
    • After that, Jamie and Adam dancing to the music playing on the radio used for the second test.
    • From that same episode:
      Adam: Next item, one of my personal favorites... [high-pitched voice] the curling iron! Let's go!
      Jamie: What are you, Pee-wee Herman?
  • Another great moment involving electricity was when Adam, Jamie, Scottie, and Kari were playing with the Van der Graaf generator in the "static cannon" myth, the highlights of which have to be Scottie and Kari teasing Jamie for being skittish about getting shocked and all of them shocking Adam on the ass while he's got his hand on the generator.
    Adam: Stop sparking my *HONK HONK*!
  • In episode 213: Pingpong rescue, after they bust the myth that balloons are able to lift a 40-pound child off the ground, instead of the team saying that the myth is busted, they have the kid they used in the episode jumping on the "busted" sign repeatedly saying "Busted-Busted-Busted!" both hilarious and adorable.
    • Adam is getting frustrated with Jamie's reluctance to do a larger scale test of the ping pong ball device. After a heated exchange, he storms off and starts hitting random things to let off steam. Jamie's reaction?
      Jamie: [to the camera] Adam needs a cookie. [back to Adam] We just tested it. It works. Stop whining and go have a cookie.
      • In MythBusters Revealed, Jamie reveals his comment has to do with his belief that Adam sometimes gets so involved with his builds he Forgets to Eat, and in these cases, Adam gets a bit cranky due to low blood sugar. A quick-fix for this issue is for Adam to literally go have a cookie.
      • The uncut version shows that the progression was slowed further because of an otter that swam into the sunken boat and stole one of the ping pong balls.
  • The Ming Dynasty Astronaut Myth. Basically, it's the myth that a wealthy astronomer from the Ming Dynasty strapped 47 rockets to his throne and, as eyewitnesses said, went into orbit in a puff of smoke, never to be seen again. After hearing that, we all know what really happened, but the humor comes in at the confirmation via giant explosion: in that puff of smoke, he didn't go up into orbit, he evaporated.
  • Talking To Plants. The abuse heaped on the peas.
    Adam: You called your peas "freshmen"?
    Kari: ...I was running out of material.
  • Tory's infamous cycling mishap. It's even funnier because while Tory was amusing himself out of earshot, Scottie suggested, "Let's egg him on until he hurts himself." She never expected he actually would.
    • It's even better in MythBusters Revealed / the Top 25 MythBusters Moments special, where Tory explains he went through with it specifically because Scottie and Kari said he could totally make it. (Kari insists she was being sarcastic.)
    • From the same episode, Adam gets his fingers caught in the door of the pick-up as Scottie slammed it shut. (Unintentionally of course. Adam was even quick to claim it wasn't even her fault as she apologized.)
  • Adam getting shocked by the fake Ark of the Covenant after the build team wires it up to an electric fence.
    Kari: Did you feel God?
    • This actually loses some of its humor when you see the outtakes. The whole story goes that Adam was expecting to get a tiny electric shock from the Ark being hooked up to the recreated "Baghdad Batteries," because they were testing the idea that it may have been used for religious purposes (to "feel God" as Kari put it). When he got actual pain, it's understandable why he was so pissed about it. Adam later explained in a Q & A that the suggestion came from a producer (who is "no longer with us") who thought it would be exciting TV. Even though it may have been quite funny to watch, Adam was seriously pissed off and once it happened no one, even the camera crew, found it particularly funny afterward. You can see on Tory's face especially (being the only religious one of the bunch) how uncomfortable he is not only from a moral standpoint but also a sacrilegious one. He said that pranks are a dangerous thing because A) they escalate into more outrageous and dangerous/illegal activities and B) they are people with some significant skills and resources at their disposal to make the pranks worse than any normal person could.
    • It gets its humor back when Adam tries to get his revenge in a later episode by setting off a homemade smoke bomb. He fails miserably, although the smoke bomb was remarkably resistant to attempts to put it out, which was funny enough on its own.
  • "Killer Brace Position", when they're finally ready to test it. You hear music and someone singing opera, then the camera shows ADAM, actually singing it! note 
    • Right before Adam, Kari, and Tory were about to personally test keeping their heads back, Kari is hyperventilating into a paper bag, and Adam suddenly slams it.
  • In the Killer Tissue Box episode, one of the "alternative" objects they use on a ballistics gel rectangle is a hatchet. As the Narrator says, it winds up looking like "something from a B-grade slasher film". After getting over his hysterics, Adam delivers the coup de grace:
    • The same episode includes the “Arrow Splitting” Myth (nock to tip). The Build team resorts to going to a local renaissance fair, where Tory hammily makes a challenge proclamation.
      Tory: Hear ye, hear ye!
      (laughter in the crowd)
      Tory: All Ye archers in the land, this... is the “Mythbusters Challenge”! Is there any archer so skilled as to split a wooden arrow, completely in twain, from nock to tip? Any archer capable of completing this task shall be awarded... a kiss from the fair ma-[gestures to Kari who has a “WAIT WHAT!?” look on her face]
      Tory: Sorry.
      Random guy: Yes!!
      Tory: Okay, yeah, you’re not gonna get that... My mistake.
  • During the Escape Slide Parachute myth, Adam and Grant find the survival ration kit to the escape raft they're using... which is extremely out of date. Hilarity ensues as they try out the various things inside, such as a green-colored liquid (which Grant drinks and Adam thinks is alien blood), expired bandages, and coffee-flavored stimulants, which Grant and Adam jokingly say they'll have an addiction for afterward. To quote Jamie:
    Jamie: It's just like Christmas!
  • While testing the trope of being Blown Across the Room, the Build Team made a rig to hang a pig carcass by a chain which will fall if there was enough force put into it. Tory, being Tory, tested it by hanging from the chain while Scottie and Kari pushed him about until the chain slipped off and Tory wound up punching himself in the head.
  • In the Confederate Rocket myth, Grant is attempting to talk about nitrous oxide gas... while in the presence of an apparatus that's slowly creating the stuff.
    Narrator: They've clearly made laughing gas. But what is he trying to say?
    • The mishap with the test of the launching mechanism in the workshop.
    • Before launching the historical rockets that they'll base the mythical rocket on, they weighed and simulated the probable flight characteristics of their rockets. Adam's was oddly optimistic at a range of 20,000 ft while Jamie's historically accurate rocket started spiraling through the air as if piloted by Valentina Kerman with a range of 500 ft. The actual test worked without a hitch, possibly due to the computer not taking the Hale-fins into account.
  • The Build Team has failed to make fire by rubbing two sticks together in “Shredded Plane”, so they put a stick into a power drill and spin it against gunpowder. That's the only way they could make fire with two sticks!
  • During the Season 3 behind-the-scenes special, it's explained that whenever a production/cast member's phone rings during an active shoot, they have to pay up by buying everyone a case of beer. Adam often falls victim to this while Jamie takes to the camera to say he leaves his phone on vibrate to avoid any beer-buying mishaps. However, apparently that didn't apply to that exact moment as his phone rings loud enough for the camera to hear and causes laughter to break out across the team. The narrator kindly informs the audience that the beer will be on Jamie that night.

    Season 4 (2006) 
  • The Benjamin Franklin myth note  ...
    • Tory and Grant are flying a mini-kite. It's unstable, so they tie a rock to the tail. Hilarity ensues. Needless to say that was a BAD idea.
    • The fact that Tory got nailed between the legs right after calling it "the kite of punishment" is just the icing on the cake.
    • Then there at the end of the myth...
    Tory: And we killed a dead president!
    Grant: He was never president...
    [Kari and Grant walk away, not quite holding in their laughter]
    Tory: Wasn't he? ...Dammit.
  • One involving Frank Doyle during the Exploding Pants myth, he was supervising Tory while Tory was preparing the chemicals that were going to be tested.
    Tory: Why are you standing so far away?
    Frank: Because I want to continue to live.
    Tory: So the question now is: why am I standing so close?
  • In the Crimes and Mythdemeanors special, they busted the myth of using magnets to climb through an air vent. It created so much ridiculous noise that it was impossible to be sneaky. After the first big CLANG caused by Jamie's use of magnets:
    Adam: Why, Thor, the God of Thunder, is trying to enter my building!
    Tory: Somebody needs to check that air conditioner!
    • There's also Adam's prediction of this:
      Adam: I think Jamie's is gonna be like: KNNNG! KNNNG! KNNNG! — and I believe... in a security manual? The proper response to that sound coming from your duct is to just riddle your duct with bullets.
      Narrator: With Kari and Grant heading up security, bullet riddling seems unlikely. But with Tory? You never know...
    • At one point the suction gave out on one of Adam's climbers when testing it which resulted in him punching himself in the head just like Tory when he was testing the "Blown Away" rig.
    • Jamie gets a wonderful Not So Stoic moment out of it too, while inside the duct.
      Tory: Jamie, how you doing?
      Jamie: [giggle then a pause] I'm okay!
      [everyone laughs]
      Tory: Jamie do you think this is a practical way to get up a duct?
      [another pause]
      Jamie: Nope!
    • The narrator's description:
      Narrator: Here's some key phrases from the 'Surreptitious Entry Heist Manual': Be the breeze. *KLANG* Light as a feather. *CRASH BONG* The footfall of a kitten. *KRASH KLANGKING BOM CRASHSHSHSHSH*
      • One YouTube commenter thinks that what he really means is: "Be the blow. Heavy as a brick. The footfall of Optimus Prime."
      • Another comment goes "Be the thunderstorm. Heavy as a planet. The footfalls of Godzilla."
  • After several failed attempts at beating a motion-sensing camera, Kari, Grant, and Tory test whether holding a white sheet up as you walk will help. None of them expect it to work, which makes it even funnier when they find out it does.
    SamValiant: Boy, that's a concept I gotta wrap my head around- REALITY ITSELF is taking Refuge in Audacity.
    • Then, there's the other way they attempt to foil the motion detector... by wearing a giant suit made out of yellow shag carpeting. The "chicken suit" is still in the background in many of the myth introduction shots.
      Kari: Save yourself the embarrassment — do not try what you're about to see at home.
  • In "Killer Cable Snaps", it really sinks in on how much the Mythbusters are known for doing weird and unusual things, after a trip to the butchers for some test dummies:
    Jamie: Did you stop some traffic with [those pigs]?
    Adam: I got looks like this (makes a WTF expression). People driving by, they saw the pigs, they look in the cabin and went like, "Oh, it’s the Mythbusters guy”.
    • In the same episode; Kari, Grant, and Tory are testing to see if sound waves could be recorded on clay bottles.
      • Tory has a ludicrous lead foot... on a pottery wheel. Yes, his first instinct when he comes across a pedal-powered pottery wheel is to floor it. It sends clay flying across the workshop. His first pot ends up being very small as a result.
      • To test the myth, Tory screamed at a clay jar as they etched into it with a needle.
        Announcer: And Kari is about to say what every forensic scientist dreams of being able to say.
        Kari: YOU CRAZY KILLER!!
      • For the next two recording tests, she just yells "TORY!!!" at the top of her voice. The second time, both Tory and the narrator deliver punchlines:
        Narrator: The voice of an angel rings out...
        Kari: TORY!!!
        Narrator: ...or maybe, make that the devil.
        Tory: That was a good one, Kari. Now I know what it would be like to be married to you.
      • Later in that myth, they need to make a glass stylus, for which they need glass shards, for which Grant needs to smash a wine glass with a hammer. Unfortunately, his first two attempts are a little... tender.
        Grant: (sheepishly) ...must be the reinforced glass.
        Narrator: Yeah, whatever, muscles.
  • During the Hammer vs. Hammer myth: Tory was trying to drive in a nail with one swing (to make sure their hammer robot was swinging at human speeds). He missed the nail twice, hitting the same spot both times.
    Grant: "Why don't you put the nail there?"
    Narrator: "It's worth noting a smart remark rarely goes unpunished."
  • From the Diet Coke and Mentos segment, we have:
    Narrator: Meanwhile, Adam, for reasons known only to himself, puts a bottle of Coke on the lathe. No prizes for guessing what happens next.
    • Cue the soda bottle (predictably) exploding. It's even better because some of the soda drips land on the camera lens.
    • Adam attempting to get revenge on the Build Team for their prank with a peanut brittle smoke bomb. It doesn't work but it was resistant to being put out before Kari chased Adam out with the fire extinguisher.
  • Lethal Lava Lamp has some amazing moments in regards to both the lamp and the other objects they were testing.
    • One lamp sprung a leak before it could explode so Grant steps in to induce some thermal shock with a spray bottle, it works and it results in one of the widest Eye Takes from Grant in the entire show when it happens.
    • The gigantic tin of beans, the long build-up led to an amazing explosion, and the windows getting caked in beans.
    • For whatever reason, Kari suddenly gets an Irish accent after a similar experiment with a jar of milk.
      Kari: Oooh!!! Look at that, he's got a huge shard a glass going right into the ribs!
  • During Air Cylinder Rocket.
    Jamie: These tanks are actually filled with geese, and they're complaining.
  • When preparing the final test for the "Christmas Tree Lights" myth, Adam fails to properly hang one of the baubles, which rolls off the tree and bounces off the floor before Adam catches it.
    Adam: Hah ha! Are these not glass? [throw] [smack] Oh, they are.

    Season 5 (2007) 
  • Adam cooking a pot of wee to use as a cleaning agent in the Pirate special, complete with a hilariously bad French chef accent.
    • Adam's pirate accent never fails to give Jamie the giggles. At best, he can be seen to be barely keeping it together, and at worse, he's pretty much a goner.
    • And Kari's sudden change of facial expression when the guys bring her in to judge the results and inform her that stale urine was one of the cleaners being tested. Her Flat "What" is almost audible.
    • From the same episode, since the crew doesn't have access to a black powder cannon (yet), Jamie and Adam rig up a compressed air substitute to test whether splinters generated from hitting ship hulls are more dangerous/lethal than the cannonball hit itself. Cue Adam throwing together a pitch for the high-pressure 6-pdr artillery piece as The Blowhard 3000.
      Slaves not included. Do not aim at face.
    • In the same episode, we have a tumbleweed inexplicably showing up as Adam is grinding down a cannonball to fit into the cannon, and Tory digging a hole as the others pretend they're in a nature documentary.
  • In The Ninja Myths Episodenote :
    • When they were testing the mizugumo, we get this gem of a line:
      Adam: COME, SILENT WALRUS! Let us storm the castle! I will don my safety gear!
      Jamie: ...
      • Even funnier considering the fact that Adam's mouth is covered up, and he is busily punctuating his words with Power Rangers-esque head jerks.
    • Adam puts on a pair of shoes that the narrator describes as looking like "container ships." As Adam tries to step off the edge of the pool into the water, he immediately loses his balance and falls face-first into the water. As Jamie looks on, Adam simply says; "If I had any dignity, that would have been humiliating."
  • Also in “Walking on Water”; the Build Team determined the swinging speed of a swordsman for the "Catching a Sword" myth in the first ninja special is a gold mine of these:
    • They stick a name tag that says "Hello! my name is ninja" on the ballistic bust being used for the test, just for kicks.
    • Kari is explaining the test procedure to the boys when "Master Savage" ambushes them. Funny: Adam shouting "Your kung fu is no good!" in his Hong Kong Dub voice and smacking Tory in the face. Funnier: A bemused Tory completely no-selling Adam prior to that point.
      • What's funnier is that Adam was just standing in the background until the camera was on him.
    • Adam channels Ballistic Ninja after Tory takes the first swing:
      Adam: Master! He hit me in the head! You teach him a lesson!
      • The cartoonish *THUNK* noise that occurs from Tory swinging the sword at the ninja.
    • Grant preps for his turn by crouching with the sword in his hands. Tory and the Narrator both take the opportunity to riff on him. (Which ends up working well, since Grant ultimately sets the benchmark with his effort.)
      Tory: The ninja must go to the bathroom before he swings his sword...
      Narrator: He hasn't looked this incensed since Star Trek was cancelled.
  • In “Grenades and Guts”, the Build Team tested self-hypnosis, and called in Adam to test for his fear of bees. One test later, Tory gives him the self-hypnosis CD.
    Tory: Alright then. This is the CD that you're gonna listen to for a week, and this will help you get over your fear of bees.
    Adam: Did you guys make this?
    Tory: We ordered it online. So, you're in good hands! It's the professionals!
    Adam: I didn't wanna hear you going "DUDE, IT'S TOTALLY OK! IT'S TOTALLY OK!"
  • In the "Bull in a China Shop" myth, while Kari is discussing the safety precautions they've taken with the shelves they've built for the bulls to trash, we see Tory run onscreen in the background, take a flying leap, and land with a crunch onto one of said shelves. Adding to the funny is the exasperated look on Kari's face as she finishes what she was saying without looking around, making it patently obvious she knew Tory was responsible and isn't the least bit surprised by it - while Tory just lies there silently basking in his efforts.
    • The myth itself is also pretty hilarious. It sure looks like a Foregone Conclusion that the bulls will smash up everything, and the main concern is constructing harmless shelving that won't harm the bulls. Then the bulls completely bust the myth by nimbly running through the china shop, politely taking care not to disturb the proprietor's wares!
      • Turned up to eleven when they put as many as four bulls in there, and only one shelf (and one or two assorted pieces of china) got knocked over.
    • And again when it's revisited in the two-hour Top 25 MythBusters Moments episode. Kari's voice-over of just what the phrase "bull in a china shop" means is accompanied by a montage of Tory breaking things and hurting himself.
  • In "TrailBlazers': They have to buy a bra to see if it gets electrocuted by a defibrillator... unfortunately Tory is the closest to the ballistics dummy build so... he has to go bra shopping. Grant being uncomfortable with the whole thing makes it all the more hilarious.
  • After a full episode of building up to re-testing the JATO rocket car myth in the Special Supersized Myths, they finally get to the actual test... and right as the car approaches the ramp, it abruptly explodes, shocking everyone. Obviously, nobody on the scene expected it, and from the set-up, neither does anyone watching for the first time.
  • In the "Confederate Steam Machine Gun" episode, Adam has finished his piece of the rig: a reloading mechanism for the machine gun. He then launches into a bizarre explanation (with a hilariously bad French accent and complete with subtitles) of the rig, which finally culminates in the subtitles saying "...I think I'm losing my marbles," before flashing "???" as Adam finishes the sequence with what amounts to complete nonsense. Granted, Adam is a funny man regardless, but...
    • If you actually do listen, it's not merely nonsense, it's True Art Is Incomprehensible taken to the next level, acting like a French artist describing a surrealistic work of art in the most obtuse and hammy way possible, which only works to make it funnier.
  • Also In “Confederate Steam Gun”: The build team has to go up against various Lie detectors. Grant beats the fMRI lie-detector test and is unsurprisingly pleased about it. Tory & Kari, facing a 3,000-mile bus trip back to San Francisco for their failure, have this priceless exchange:
    Tory: Well, looks like we get to take that cross-country trip we've been talking about for so long... *sighs* Oh well, what are you gonna do.
    Kari: Fuck!
    *everyone laughs*
  • Grant is showing Adam and Jamie how to fly his model airplane in "Airplane on a Conveyor Belt”. Jamie is uncomfortable:
    Jamie: I don't know if I can handle this, actually. We're using this particular item the way that it was intended.
  • The beginning of the "James Bond Special." Within about one minute we see Jamie in a tuxedo; Kari doing an over-the-top Bond Girl voice; Adam wearing scar makeup (and looking like a genuine Bond villain); Grant trying (and failing) to look menacing; and Jamie introducing himself as "Hyneman. James Hyneman." before shooting at the camera a la the 007 films.
  • Then there's the bit in the second James Bond special where three Adams sing "fire in the hole", prompting the Narrator to comment, "...Okay, Adam, now you're just really taking the barbershop thing too far. Just press the detonation button, will ya?"
  • "Airplane Hour" has two moments:
    • During his simulated flight, Jamie has a Not so Above It All moment by declaring he's going to buzz the tower. His delighted "Whee!" as he does it is the icing on the cake.
    • The Stylistic Suck re-enactment of the skydiving scene from Point Break with Tory as Bodhi (complete with bad mullet) and Grant as Johnny Utah.

    Season 6 (2008) 
  • In the Alaskan Cabin Fever myth, Adam and Jamie are forced to endure isolation, loneliness, and dreary, dull, uninspired conditions for days on end. These men are both highly active, almost over-creative thinkers, so it's clear that this won't end well. It comes to a head when Kari decides to mess with them by including an Abominable Snowman in the test to peer in through the windows of their cabins. Jamie being Jamie, he simply states "Oh great, we've got a Yeti outside" with his usual tone of mild annoyance. Adam's response is much more animated and hilarious; he freaks out and hides in the bathroom, fearfully peering out past the doorjamb to make sure it's gone.
  • The episode where they visit NASA to investigate the moon landing, and Grant spots a worryingly labeled alarm:
    Grant: Oxygen deficiency alarm? Is that something I should be worried about?
    NASA worker: Only if it goes off.
  • Adam's Death Glare at any fan(s) claiming vindication during the "Ninja Catching An Arrow" re-test in “Ninja 2”. It's a glorious thing.
  • Also in “Ninja 2”, Grant looking into his blowgun and accidentally shining the laser sight into his eyes.
    • From the same myth, Kari revealing she'd concealed a copper tube inside her blowgun, which was cheating. Specifically, Tory and Grant's reaction. Kari then points out that Grant at least didn't have much room to complain, considering he'd used a laser sight.
  • Adam plays with sulfur hexafluoride in the “Viral Video special”.
    • The non-dairy creamer fireball, a classic Mass "Oh, Crap!" moment for Grant, Kari, and Tory.
  • Ordinarily, Jamie isn't much of a comedian, so it means a lot that at the end of "Phone Book Friction", he's standing next to two phone books that have been torn apart by tanks and says "I just wanted to make a phone call"... and the camera crew cracks up laughing.
  • In the myth that throwing a fire extinguisher onto a fire will cause it to explode and put out the fire, the team had already had two failures, both of which took several minutes to fail. Now they tested the third extinguisher, full of chemical foam, which led to this unbelievable exchange just seconds after they dropped it in.
    Tory: Anyone bring any cards?
    Grant: Let's do charades.
    Tory: Okay, you first. Two words.
    Grant: (cracks up laughing) I can't do this.
    Tory: Sounds like?
    Tory: WOO-HOO! YEAH! YEAH! It put out the fire! It exploded and put out the fire!
    Kari: Oh my god!
    Tory: It sprayed - oh, it's raining foam.
    Kari: Oh God!
    Grant: Let's get out of here!
    • In the same episode: Adam attempting to walk on hot coals without knowing the technique.
      Adam: (calling his wife as he gets wheeled away) Hello, honey? I walked on hot coals today and I burned the hell out of my feet.
  • When testing items to make rope out of to escape from prison in “Motorcycle Flip”, one of the items tested is toilet paper. Tory is stuck with testing it. As he's getting ready to climb down...
    Tory: Toilet paper rope escape. Probably the stupidest idea ever!
    Grant: It's not that stupid! You've had stupider ideas!
    Tory: I'm gonna kick your butt if I survive, Grant!
  • JD's theme song in the Exploding Piano myth from Viewer Threequel:
    Go JD / Go JD / Fill this piano with TNT
    • The MythBusters Concerto in C-4 was a magnificent piece. Anyone with the proper equipment can play it too; just blow up a piano.

    Season 7 (2009) 
  • From the Demolition Derby Special:
    • There is a car suspended from a crane. Kari: "Next on MythBusters: find out why we can't get car insurance."
    • When the car's roof gets shorn off by a tractor-trailer, it keeps going when the braking system fails and goes airborne off a small berm, clearing the chain fence behind it. You can immediately see Tory and Kari's faces shift from "This is Awesome!" to "Oh, Crap!."note 
      Tory: Hey, what's on the other side of that berm?
      Kari: Uh-oh...
  • The Compact Compact revisit From the same episode gives us this gem. Jamie wanted to use more breakaway rope than Adam. Adam got his way, and sure enough, the rope breaks prematurely.
    Jamie: The weakest link in the chain was the breakaway rope and that's what we wanted it to be.
    Subtitle: The weakest link in the chain was Adam!
    Jamie: Now exactly how strong does that have to be, it's really kind of... it's a guess.
    Subtitle: Exactly how strong it needed to be was what I said it was.
    Jamie: And we guessed wrong.
    Subtitle: And Adam guessed wrong.
    Jamie: Uh...
    Subtitle: %$#!.
    Jamie: ...We need to put more rope on there.
  • "What car?"
    Adam: Wow! Holy crap! [gasps]
    Jamie: [nowhere near as excited, but grinning] That didn't mess around.
    • Perhaps made funnier if you notice that one of the rockets flies onscreen AFTER impact since it was a 1st stage rocket that was left behind by the much faster 2nd stage rockets.
  • During the second Alaskan myths special, there's a flashback of the first special's snowplow myths and how their inflatable doll crash-test-dummies both were popped in the testing, and it shows Tory grabbing the female one to extremely over-the-top tragic music in slow motion while he attempts CPR on the doll, with a squeak-toy sound effect going off every time he pressed on her "heart".
  • J.D. Nelson in the YouTube Special, commenting that, if the million-matchheads were to go off while they were standing next to it, it would be "time to de-ass the area with a quickness", as well as his deadpan "you guys have way too much time on your hands" when told what the plan is.
  • The "Giant Ball of Lego bricks" myth from the YouTube special. A large group of volunteers spent two weeks using a million Lego bricks to build a seven-foot-tall ball, start it rolling down a course to see if it will damage a car at the end... only to see it break apart halfway down.
    • As much humor as there was in that, it was also almost a Tear Jerker...all that work, wasted.
    • Although for more awesomeness, when they tried to test each individual aspect of the myth they busted the aspect of just how many individual bricks it took to make the ball. Why? Because they collected damn well near an entire country's worth of borrowed, used, and new LEGO pieces just to get a tenth of the number of LEGO bricks specified in the video. They still made the ball, just not with the same number of bricks the video mentioned (they used 1 million bricks, instead of the 5 million stated in the video). Imagine having nearly a quarter as many LEGO bricks as they had.
    • Sadly this wasn't shown in the episode but one of the volunteers threw a LEGO brick at Tory when he told her "less talk, more work!" You can just see her pull back her arm to throw it before the camera cuts.
      • The "volunteer" is actually Kari. Which makes it even funnier, of course.
  • The banana peel myth. THE BANANA PEEL MYTH.
    • Compounded by the fact that Jamie Hyneman, Mister Flat Joy himself, is actually unable to finish the experiment because he can't stop laughing. And then there's the fact they used animal birthing lubricant as a counterpoint in slipperiness...
  • The "Medieval Mayhem" segments in “Exploding Bumpers” (which involved firing arrows from horseback). The Build Team's attempts to shoot the target from a moving horse were hilarious. Grant especially; he started moving toward the target... and then the horse decided it wanted to go the other way. Grant tried desperately to steer the horse back but was having no luck. Cue Tory:
    Tory: [in his best Obi-Wan voice] Use the horse, Grant.
    Grant: Oh... "use the horse"! Hah.
  • From “Duct Tape Hour”: The first myth entails testing the lifting strength of Duct Tape... their small-scale test: ...duct-taping Adam to a piece of plywood.
    Adam: I am the plywood.
  • From “Dirty vs Clean Car” they tested smooth golf balls vs dimpled by having a pro golfer hit them. He complained the smooth ones were like hitting a brick.
    Jamie: [deadpan] I swapped it out when you weren't looking.
    • Later in the same episode, after the results are announced, Adam can't keep from giggling the whole time. Jamie's response just sets him off even worse.
      Jamie: I feel like eating my beret. (Beat) Uh. I'm not gonna.
  • In “Greased Lightning” Grant Imahara is introduced to the “Bomb Robot”. It’s love at first sight, and Kari and Tory push Grant to it as if he’s a shy schoolboy talking to his crush.
    • In the same episode, after they bust the myth that 8 oz of water on grease fire = 30ft tall fireball, the Mythbusters, in their usual fashion, escalate the spectacle to awesome proportions. In this case... Adam calls in a FIRE FIGHTING HELICOPTER. To deliver the water onto the grease fire.
    Adam: I think my water [delivery] method is coming hold on. [makes a show of putting his hand to his ears]
    [The helicopter appears in the distance]
    Jamie: [in deadpan disbelief] You didn't.
    Adam: I did.
  • Adam and Jamie training for their rooftop-chase-dumpster-dive myth. While Jamie is prepping for his first test jump, Adam grabs a megaphone and says, in a completely deadpan tone, "Jamie, don't jump, you've got so much to live for."
  • In Mini-Myth Mayhem, one of the six myths they test is a bamboo cannon from "Star Trek: The Original Series" Episode 19 "Arena". Tory, gets the bright idea to try and explain the goals of their test while next to the active fuse of a cannon. He's so nervous that he keeps flubbing his lines and eventually decides to just book it and try again the lines again from a safer distance..

    Season 8 (2010) 
  • The episode where the myth of an empty beer bottle is a deadlier weapon than a full onenote  involved making a gelatin brain to wobble inside of a clear "skull". After making the test, there was a segment where Adam, paraphrased, told it:
    Adam: Remember when I built a robot that would swing a beer bottle into your head? [reaches over with a spoon, spoons up and eats some of the gelatin] Not anymore you don't! Mmm, what a delicious memory.
  • The "No Pain, No Gain" episode features (as might be expected) several myths about pain. During the introduction to the segment, Jamie chips in:
    Jamie: I got one. You're a pain in the [WHEEEE!]
    • Also in No Pain, No Gain we get this gem after the confirmation of the myth that women can take pain better than men:
    Adam: Ha! In your face, men!...oh.
  • In the "Waterslide Wipeout" episode, Adam drops his roll of duct tape — which instantly zips out of reach down the ramp and doesn't stop rolling until it flies off the end and into the water, tracked by the camera all the while.
    • If you listen carefully, you'll notice that even Jamie starts to crack up (from off-camera)
  • In "Duct Tape Hour 2", as Adam is about to make the epic cross over their Duct tape bridge, Jamie has this one piece of advice to give.
    Jamie: Just remember, If you hear a ripping sound, run really fast for the other side.
    Adam: *chuckles* Thanks for Nothing
    • Also as he's crossing the bridge:
    • Jamie also has some hilarious lines as he's crossing the bridge.
    Jamie: Now I know what it feels like to be a spider... Or maybe- is it a bug in a spiderweb?
  • The entirety of the Top 25 episode, where they list their favorite things about the show when it isn't being awesome. Namely, thing #7, which is Jamie Hyneman. At one point, it compares him to a walrus while swimming. Also, #3 is Adam and Tory hurting themselves...
    • What really sold the Jamie segment was Grant's comment at the end, after a string of "impressions" of Jamie that consisted of Grant holding his fingers up in front of his face to simulate a mustache in various moods:
      Grant: You can't use that. He will kill me.
    • #22, a.k.a. Failure Is Always an Option, first opens with Adam, Tory, and Kari failing to introduce the next moment properly. It all culminates with Jamie saying this:
      Jamie: Can we just roll the *honk honk* tape?
      • Adam makes an offhand remark during the above clip: "This doesn't happen to me; it usually happens to Jamie". This is actually a Call-Back to a previous behind-the-scenes special (MythBusters Revealed), which features over a minute's worth of clips of Jamie getting tongue-tied. Including one during the interview for the special.
    • The special opens with a mock Avengers Assemble introduction, with Adam dropping in from the ceiling in mountain climbing gear. He then proceeds to attempt to follow Kari, Tory, and Grant as they walk off-screen to start compiling moments, only to get partway before he reaches the end of his rope and gets pulled back.
  • From the Cold Feet Myth, when Kari examines her meal:
    "Why is it that I am a grown woman, and boys are still trying to make me eat bugs?"
  • When Adam and Jamie built their arrow "machine gun," it had...problems. Lots of problems. Eventually, during one of its many, many breakdowns, Adam just gives up:
  • Tory, Grant, and Kari are testing whether an all-right turn route is more efficient. As they are in San Francisco, this happens:
    Kari: Oh my god, we're going to Lombard Street!
    Tory: Ah, I love a challenge!
    Kari: That's the crookedest street in the city, possibly the world!
    Grant: No, that's Wall Street.
  • Adam and Jamie test taking candy from a baby in Mini Myth Madness. Surpsingly, in some cases, the baby won.
    • Surprisingly, the babies were quite tactical in their methods of keeping their candy away from the mechanical arm trying to take it from them. Tactics ranging from evasion, to guilt tripping (crying), and grip strength as a last resort.
    • At the end of the last test, Adam asks the oldest baby for a high-five. She gives him one. (Sure, it doesn't sound like much, but picture a one-and-a-half-year-old giving a pretty solid high-five for someone of that age. It really is the little things sometimes.)

    Season 9 (2011) 
  • During the "Blue Ice" myth, when the (now red for visual ease) ice hits the ground, a nearby bird is visibly startled by the impact and starts flying away. It's subtle and very possible to miss completely, but it's hilarious.
  • After years of imitating Jamie for comedic effect, Adam gets a professional lesson in emulating the Hyneman for the "Mission Impossible Mask" myth. The pro, not unexpectedly, absolutely nails it.
    Terry McGovern: Gestures - a lot of work with the mustache and the beard. Now the voice, OK - very monotone, very low pitch, very authoritative.
    [gets into character]
    Terry: I'm excited. This is really thrilling. I used to collect moles... and spores.
    Adam: [barely holding it together, to camera] He's pretty good.
    Terry: [still in character, exasperated sigh] Are we done?
  • Adam: I'm a sad monkey right now.
    • From the same myth, the torpedo flying into the sky. Test 1 was particularly hilarious, as it flew into the sky to a ridiculous height and did a few loops.
  • In the "Walk in a straight line blindfolded" episode:
    • At the beginning, Adam is blindfolded and we get this exchange:
      Adam: You ever work on something, and it's not going the way you want it to, and you feel like you're just... going around in circles?
      Jamie: I know exactly what you mean. [holds up a sign that says "Every day I have to work with him"]
    • At the end of the opening segment, Jamie holds up a sign that says "Bye" then walks away, and Adam doesn't notice and just keeps talking.
    • At the end of the episode, the roles are reversed: Jamie's blindfolded and Adam's holding up the signs. As Jamie starts talking, Adam holds up a sign saying "Here we go...", and when Jamie starts lamenting on the fact that they couldn't figure out why the myth was confirmed, Adam's sign reads "Always complaining".
    • The simple fact that the episode ends with two grown men lost in the woodsnote  with big plastic buckets on their heads. Apparently, this is an actual inclement weather simulation tactic used by professionals.
  • When testing the RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade) vs. Handgun myth from the movie Red (2010), the Build Team test-fires an RPG at a flimsy old trailer "Just to see what it does." The resulting high-speed shot is one of the funniest, and most awesome, in the show's history. The RPG leaves a perfectly round hole, with four vertical lines coming off it from the RPG's stabilizing fins. Then the whole trailer vanishes in an epic explosion.
  • In the "Paper Armor" myth:
    • Kari's homage to Lynda Carter's spinning Transformation Sequence.
    • Tory nonchalantly flings one of the resin-laminated paper squares off to the side. It embeds itself in a piece of cardboard. Tory then just breaks down. His reaction is almost as funny as the unexpected landing!
  • In the "Mirror Lights" myth, Jamie makes the darkened room the brightest it gets in the whole myth. How? By stepping into the beams of light cast by the mirrors... and letting it bounce off his white shirt. Jamie is literally glowing as the beams scatter off his starched white shirt. Adam loses it.
    Jamie: And you said I didn't know how to light up a room.
    Adam: I stand corrected.
  • "Blow Your Own Sail" has this bit:
    Grant: Fortunately for Tory, our health insurance actually covers a full body cast. So if anything untoward happens, he'll be covered.
  • After the Drain Disaster myth had been tested, and eventually confirmed, Adam stands with a manhole cover with the numeral 2 on it. What Adam says is golden:
    Adam: Well, if there's one thing everyone knows they can expect from a sewer explosion, it's that number two is gonna fly into the air.

    Season ?? (2012) 
  • In the episode where they were testing the fan theory that Jack and Rose in Titanic could have both survived, this is how Adam introduced their guest.
    Adam: This is James friggin' Cameron.
    • Cameron's reaction?
      Cameron: I am indeed James friggin' Cameron.
  • In the Duct Tape Island episode:
    • In a complete role-reversal, Adam is the one who finds and creates their shelter (complete with furniture and a homemade chess set) while Jamie creates a surfboard out of duct tape and tries to use it. Too bad Jamie doesn't know how to surf...
    • At the end of the episode, after escaping from the island and a few congratulatory minutes...
      Jamie: Adam. It's the same island.
      Adam: [Face Palm]
    • If you look closely, you can see that Jamie used some duct tape to patch the hole in his shirt.
  • Square wheels. Specifically, square wheels on a huge truck. Somehow, watching it go clunk-clunk-clunk-clunk down the road at a progressive pace is utterly hilarious.
  • While testing Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight, Jamie runs screaming at Adam holding a foam knife... only to trip, fall on his face, and skid the rest of the way to where Adam was standing. Naturally, it was caught on high-speed as well.
    Rob Lee: Less True Grit, more Blazing Saddles.
  • "Robo-Turkey" in the Bird Car Tip myth. Tory rigs up a frozen turkey with robotics to make its tiny featherless wings flap and its legs rumble. It's disturbing but it's also a naked cybernetically enhanced turkey flopping around on the roof of a car.
    • Later, when they finally manage to make the car tip over, the 80+ frozen Cornish game hens Kari threw on the hood of the car fly off at breakneck speed as the car tumbles down the ramp. It's so utterly ludicrous it must be seen to be believed.
  • Driving in Heels. Jamie Hyneman in a Nomex race suit and 4-inch bright red high heels.

    Non-Episodic Specials and Other Videos 
  • The foomf sound effect when they successfully try out their car ejector seat In “Mega Movie Special”. It's the simple things, sometimes.
    • Not to mention the fact that it actually worked so well when they didn't quite expect it to do so at such a low air pressure setting (10 psi, as opposed to over 100 psi at its maximum setting which it was designed to operate), so they were caught by surprise. Also funny what happened to the seat - it not only cleared the car's roof, it also slammed the (open) trunk shut and cleared the partially closed garage door behind the car (in short, it went all the way out of the garage!).
  • In the "Frozen Turkey Drop" myth:
    • Grant and Tory built a turkey-dropping rig and gave it a pair of plastic hands. As they tested the rig, the arms slammed together, and the plastic hands utterly shattered. The completely shocked looks on Tory and Grant's faces were funny enough, but the crown on the Crowning Moment comes when Kari walked in, holding a piece of one of the hands, and completely deadpanned:
      "Do we want to talk about why I just got hit in the head with a thumb?"
    • Which comes almost immediately after Tory's completely dumbfounded "What...the heck..."
    • Anything involving the hideous ballistics gel dog is golden, especially Kari's bizarre Cuteness Proximity fondness for it.
  • When Grant and Tory went into the water in the Jaws special, we find out Grant doesn't like fish touching him. This results in him screaming "Help!" in a Cajun accent, which sounds like "HAYELP!!!"
    • Kari's taunting certainly didn't help:
      Kari: It's really realistic, almost like you're scared!
    • And then proceeds to shriek at the top of his lungs, "SOMETHING JUST TOUCHED ME."
    • Before getting into the water with sharks, this exchange.
      Tory: I hope they like sushi!
      Grant: Oh, I hope they like Italian!
    • And after the first test, Kari tells them they need to go in the water again, switching roles to remove the variable of who the swimmers were:
      Grant: Oh, damn you and your science!
  • The boys did the cold open of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Adam was in his spacesuit get-up, and both had to hold up cue cards for their lines in the song. But Jamie is just... Jamie. And for the most part, stands there totally deadpan the whole time, which makes it frackin' hilarious.
  • Here's a video of Adam Savage singing "I Will Survive" Gollum.

    Mythbusters Jr. 
  • Mythbusters Jr. has the moments when the junior Busters act their age. Some highlights include
    • Apparently they all once spent their lunch hour making paper airplanes and throwing them into the parking lot. Adam was amused but they still had to help clean it up.
    • Valerie admitted in an interview that she once did an experiment about paper's ignition point on her own; the paper lit up faster than she expected, causing her to drop it and catch the cuff of her pants on fire. She proceeded to forget safety precautions in her panic and ran around for a couple of minutes before managing to extinguish it.
  • Allie spends the entire time she is helping figure out if farts make viable fuel for rockets in utter grossed out mode, to everyone's clear amusement.
  • When Rachel, Jesse, and Valerie are testing to see if you can make a human-size roach motel that actually traps humans, the girls run afoul of the trap-glue and require some assistance in getting free. Jesse decides to take a leaping start to avoid their foul-ups...this completely backfires and he falls flat on the ground, getting so stuck Adam has to cut him out of his suit.

  • Tory putting a taser to his nipple just for the sake of doing it.
    • Made even funnier when, thinking it was just Tory and the researcher goofing around, Adam moves to see the final attempt better.
  • In this "bloopers" feature, a close-up of flowers suddenly jumps to Adam giving a "viewer discretion is advised" warning. He then turns around and runs off into the background, revealing that he's naked except for a large flowerpot held at groin level. Jamie just watches him go, and the camera crew can be heard cracking up when he hits his hip on the corner of the bench Jamie is standing behind. You can hear his "OW".
  • At the end of the small-scale test for the "Rocket Man" myth, Kari, Grant, and Tory are standing on a platform with several missiles as Grant lowers it into the ground. Realizing how much they look like supervillains, Grant starts laughing maniacally as they drop out of view, with Kari adding in a few of her own laughs. Tory's reaction to all of this: a simple shrug as he looks at the camera.
    • Tory definitely was not above indulging in his own hammy tendencies during that myth. There's the moment when he and Scottie go to a vinyl shop to get the rock and classical CDs for testing - cue impromptu headbanging mosh pit for two as they're giving the death metal a listen.
  • Tory, Grant, and Kari attempting to build a jet-engined Go-Kart — the myth said it went at a crazy speed, yet when they did get it to work, it only went 5 mph! This results in perhaps the slowest fence collision in MythBusters history.
    Grant: Look out, people! It's coming through!
  • In the 2012 Halloween special, there's a quick shot that sums up the entire show: In a dark room, Jamie lights a match to illuminate his face and says...
    Jamie: What scares Adam? I do.
  • The Aftershow is a goldmine of these.
    Question: Was it hard to show restraint with [the Dynamite Ax myth]? Weren't you itching to just add 100 pounds of explosives just to see what happens?
    Kari: What, you think we're just crazy, that we're just—
    Tory (simultaneously): Yes.

  • During the zombie episode, the build team is trying to figure out ways to trick and sneak past a zombie horde. Kari is the first one to try her plan — shoving Tory into a wheelchair, duct-taping him to it, and shoving him to the zombies as bait. And it works!
    • There's also something about what Grant recorded his robot "double" to say that tickles the funny bone:
      Robot Grant: Hello! Zombies! Here I am! Come and get me! My brain is juicy and delicious!
    • From the same episode, Adam and Jamie testing to see if a hundred zombies could break through a barn door. Special guest Michael Rooker taunts the zombies at the start of the test. At the end of the third, and only, successful test, Jamie joins in on the taunting.
  • Revisiting an old myth based on a Mr. Bean episode and a The Far Side comic, the MythBusters attempt to paint an entire room by virtue of explosives immersed in paint. Adam cheats the system slightly by painting with explosives, IE, art pieces instead of simply going for wall coverage. The contraption he builds is already good for a giggle in and of itself, but it's his comment upon seeing the results of the slow-motion footage that sells it.
    Adam: Look! It's like a clown's head exploded!
  • The Jamie's House of Bent Barrels advertisement during "Bullet Baloney". Jamie using a southern drawl makes this all the more hilarious.
    Jamie: We got a gun that will do whatever you want. [points curved gun barrel upward] Duck huntin'. [points curved gun barrel downward] Fishin'. Heck, it'll shoot things you can't even see. Only $19.95. Curved ammo sold separately.
  • Tory, Kari, and Grant trying to catch greased pigs. Tory and Grant come up with overly elaborate devices that are supposed to make the pigs easier to catch. Kari ends up beating them both with a pair of gloves with fur on them.
  • In the attraction episode, one myth they're testing is whether people will become dumber when faced with members of the opposite sex. Adam builds the test area... and proceeds to lock himself in by closing the door when the doorknob wasn't installed yet. Jamie has to toss over a drill and a screwdriver so Adam can pry the door open.
  • The first myth of the traffic episode. The Rage Quit was so potent it mirrored the actual event in Real Life.
  • The sound that Jamie's "pop gun" makes after it's modified to fire grenades for the "shoot a grenade out of the air" myth. It makes the MythBusters lose it.
  • In the Star Wars special, at one point the Build Team decides to get into costume. One Stop Trick later, Grant is dressed as Han Solo... and Kari is dressed as Chewie, while Tory is dressed as classic Leia. Grant quickly invokes a second Stop Trick, which puts Tory in the Wookiee costume and Kari as Leia. Kari is relieved... because the first Leia was the wrong Leia; the myth was about an Ewok trap, and Kari's costume was Leia's outfit on Endor.
  • In "Dangerous Driving", Adam and Jamie are testing whether talking with your cell phone "hands-free" is just as bad as holding it in your hand. To facilitate this, they're given access to a multimillion-dollar driving simulator. So what's the first thing Jamie does with it? Goes full Grand Theft Auto, crashing into cars, through buildings, and starting an impromptu race with an AI speeder on the highway.
    • The producers like to set up shots of the Mythbusters entering various buildings. However, for the first time, the walk-through-entrance shot is blown when Adam and Jamie are stopped by a locked door at the Stanford University Automotive Innovation Facility. Both back off, and Adam turns and bursts out laughing.
  • Everything about Jonathan Banks' practically in-character appearance (referencing his Breaking Bad assassin Mike Ehrmantraut) in the hitman episode ("Supernatural Shooters"). His reaction to Adam and Jamie's re-enactment of the Shoot 'Em Up scene is just perfect.
  • The "Duct Tape Canyon" special culminates in Adam and Jamie constructing rafts out of duct tape and bubble wrap to float down the Colorado River. In Tuxedos.
    Adam: You know, if anyone saw us, all we have to say is, "No one is going to believe you."
  • Two words: Duck Bomb. And his earlier testing of the Duck Army, especially his My God, What Have I Done? expressions.

  • Jamie's small-scale test of whether or not explosives can pancake a car succeeds, first try. During his interview segment afterward, Adam wonders what they're going to do next, if Jamie will want to run some more tests or if they'll just go home. Cut to Jamie...
    Jamie: Well, we're not just going home-
    Adam: (off-camera) Oh, come on!
  • In the second Battle of the Sexes show, one woman does such a poor job parallel parking and scores a 0, singlehandedly destroying the woman's average.
  • Kari giving up vegetarianism for her mother's beef stew (and ONLY that recipe) is worth a snicker or two, especially since she couldn't stomach working with the meat and her husband had to make it for her.