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  • On average, they throw in at least one obvious Star Wars reference every few episodes.
  • During the gasoline trail myth, the narrator takes a page from another group of Busters when talking about how the crew has to avoid crossing gasoline streams.
  • Savage's famous "I reject your reality" quote was taken from a terrible old '80s film called The Dungeonmaster.
  • Another episode has Adam sing the theme song for Milton the Monster.
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  • In the Soda Cup Killer test, Adam calls the driver of the other car "The Stig".
  • They love playing up Tory's Italian heritage with references to The Godfather every now and then - the most memorable being a recreation of the infamous horse head scene as a setup for one of the "Seconds from Disaster" scenarios.
  • When they were preparing the statues they got for the Oddjob myth, one of their statues had to be covered up due to nudity. While Kari prepared a makeshift bra for it, Grant gave her a harsh crit, in the style of Tim Gunn, ending with his signature Make it work!
    • Grant did it again in another myth, when Kari was fitting a suit of paper armor on him.
  • While preparing a cinderblock wall to be blown up, Alameda County Sheriff J.D. Nelson quips "All in all, it's just another brick in the wall."
  • Adam has treated Jamie like the subject of a nature documentary so many times that eventually Jamie started Lampshading it.
    Jamie: "Is he doing that David Attenborough thing again?"
  • A couple of episodes have shown that Jamie owns a prop version of Alastor since M5 Industries was the company behind the first game's US commercial.
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  • The Zombie special has numerous ones, in addition to the obvious The Walking Dead allusions. Jamie ends a demonstration of his shooting skills by declaring, "Groovy," and Adam is shown in a couple of shots wielding a cricket bat as a weapon. Then, of course, there's a Thriller dance.
  • The Star Wars special had a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the beginning where Jamie was wearing Dark Helmet's helmet.
  • Then there was the obvious Naruto OST playing in the background when Adam was trying to walk on water with his special shoes.They were wise to pick one of the more goofy/lighthearted OSTs instead of the more hardcore ones.
  • One of the control panels used during the "Frequency of Fear" test in the Fright Night/Halloween special is labeled to look like the one used by Facility employees in Cabin in the Woods to release monsters, including additions for themselves ("Evil Jamie" and "Zombie Adam" - the latter of which foreshadowed Adam dressing up as exactly that for the "Power of the Push" test in the next season's Zombie Special).
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  • To test the Internet claim that a plastic bag full of water will repel flies no, it doesn't, the build team first had to hatch out a few thousand houseflies.
    Tory (looking at the pile of fly maggots): This would be a buffet for Bear Grylls.
  • There's a reason they played The Blue Danube over Adam's flight in the U2 at 70,000 feet.
  • In the Ming Dynasty Astronaut episode Robert Lee goes: "So far, this myth is deficient in the Chinese astrologer department to the tune of one."
  • The final shot of the final episode (the reunion with the Build Team) showed all five MythBusters eating at a restaurant in silence, much like a different group of heroes once did.
    • Complete with a worker cleaning up in the background!

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