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Drinking Game / I Wanna Be the Guy

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How do you make an extremely difficult game even more difficult? By getting increasingly intoxicated while trying to beat it! Be careful not to die in real life.

  • Take a lick every time you die.
    • Take another if it was caused by a trap.
  • Down a six pack when you beat the game.
  • Take a drink when you notice a reference.
  • Take a drink everytime a spike shoots upward or downward. Take another if it happens more than once in the same room. Take another if the spike shoots off in a different direction than what it's pointing at.
    • You'll be dead by the end of the first area at that rate.
  • Take a drink every time a Delicious Fruit falls up.
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  • Take a drink every time a different game over tune plays.
  • Take a drink every time you enter a boss arena.
    • Take another if it begins with the Kid initiating dialogue with the boss.
    • Down the whole bottle and throw it at the nearest person to kill all possible embarrassment if you die from Dracula's Wine Glass Death Toss attack. Holy crap that comes out of nowhere.
  • Take a drink when the fake error message appears.
    • Take an additional one if it doesn't fool you because you're using a different OS, or XP but with a different language or theme.
      • Drain the glass in shame if, despite the previous condition, it still manages to kill you.
  • Drink all liquids in your house if you complete game on Impossible.

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