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A Cooking Show on The BBC which started in 2006, in which culinary professionals compete to get their dishes onto the menu for a big event at the end of the series.

Tropes appearing in Great British Menu:

  • Everything Is an Instrument: The tension music for the announcement of the winner is played on kitchen utensils. They also turn up in some of the other incidental music.
  • Four Point Scale: Effectively a five-point scale. Daily scores are out of 10, but a maximum score is rare and in practice, scores don't drop below 5. Somewhat justified in that these are professional chefs who really ought to be able to turn out above-average dishes consistently. The three main judges in the final week are less coy about using the full range of scores.
    • Averted in the 2013 series: In the final week, the surviving chefs judged each other with their marks contributing to the final placements. It was not pretty (although we never see anyone giving a 1, 2's were given out).
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  • Living Prop: Each chef is provided with an assistant to, well, assist. No one refers to these assistants by name (or even acknowledges their presence) and they are seldom heard to speak, except to cheer the winning chef at the end of the week.
  • Sound-Effect Bleep: Professional chefs are not known for moderating their language, so as this show goes out in the early evening, it's rare for an episode to go by without at least one bleep.
  • Theme-and-Variations Soundtrack
  • Trailers Always Spoil: Everything bar the actual results. Though to give the editors some credit, they did manage not to spoil the cliffhanger of whether or not Johnnie Mountain walked in the 2012 series. THIS spoiler spoils: He did.


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